The Technology and Progress Behind Custom T-Shirt Printing


When it comes to various types of advertising or promotion, one of the best ways to get your message or your brand out there is by creating custom clothing. And often custom printed T-shirts are the most effective way to do this. Not too long ago, it was a relatively substantial investment to get high-quality custom T-shirts done. Now it’s much easier thanks to improvements in technology and processes.

When you are looking into the progression of custom T-shirt printing, look at the method, the supplies, the organizational chain, and various customization options that are now available because of digitization and computerization. Each of those ideas incorporates part of the reason that custom T-shirt printing is as popular as it is today.

The Technology and Progress Behind Custom T-Shirt Printing

The Method

 First, you have to look at the method of screen printing. There are a lot of pieces to set up. Though you might think it’s just putting ink on fabric, there are many different steps involved, and each step can be improved with better technology. Technology creates more effective ink, more portable equipment, faster drying times, and even improvements when it comes to detail work or the possibilities of larger areas of print on fabric.

The Supplies

 Then there is the matter of supplies. You can buy screen printing supplies from many different places. But where technology comes in is that now these supplies can be ordered easily online, and produced in quantities that make the most sense for you rather than the supplier. Warehousing, shipping, distribution – all of these things have been improved over the years as ordering and manufacturing technology have developed in the larger business world. The barriers to entry for screen printing are minimal now because of the availability of all the supplies to smaller outfits.

The Organization

 Organizing orders for custom T-shirt prints used to be a chaotic hassle. Now, if you work with a printer and distributor that you find online, everything is simple and streamlined. Technology has made it so that you can order any number of screen printed shirts of any type, and for a reasonable price, they will be shipped to you quickly and efficiently on spec.

Customization Options

 Then there’s the fact that technology has allowed for lots more customization options from an ordering standpoint as well. With new online ordering, you can pick any shape, color, size, or even texture of print output, and it’s all handled automatically. In addition, you can even do your own modern screen printing now! As long as the right software and hardware are in place to do the production, there’s barely even room for human error these days. That leaves you with the opportunity to get a consistent, high-quality product in a very short amount of time for a good price. This end result showcases how the technology behind custom T-shirt printing has been improving over the years.