The Power of Public Relations


Public relations are hard to understate in the modern world.  People will buy or use services that may be great, or may be downright terrible, given proper PR.  Think about cigarettes, for example.  Modernity has realized that cigarettes are dangerous to the health of an individual.  People’s bodies, minds and souls are on the line as destructive properties of tobacco slowly deteriorate them over time.  It’s obvious that smoking is unhealthy.  Inhaling that which results from fire consuming an item doesn’t seem like a good idea from the outset.  The coughing and dryness which accompany the action, and the fowl taste left in the mouth, are things which one would expect would fundamentally discourage all use of tobacco.  So why is it so internationally prolific?  Well, besides the addictive qualities of tobacco, as smoking became trendy, good public relations committees sold cigarettes and made advertisements.  They concocted a means by which the brand could be more recognizable and desired, like with Lucky Strikes, where they insinuated that, since physicians said they were less irritating, physicians recommended them.


All these things were overturned as the dangers of this vice were revealed, and public relations firms jumped on the other side of the bandwagon, vilifying what once was “money” to promote.  Now it isn’t socially acceptable to smoke regularly; but because it’s an “anti-social” habit, new PR agencies are taking the “bad boy”/”rebel” angle, and promoting this negative vice in that way.  The point is, without Public Relations, smoking tobacco might be as obscure a vice as snuff.  Snuff is equally unhealthy, and involves sniffing quantities of tobacco.  It never caught on; but then again there wasn’t ever any good PR behind it.  Yet people did it before cigarettes got big, and people still do it today.  Why hasn’t it taken off like cigarettes?  The answer is PR.

Now public relations aren’t always going to be tied up in something that’s negative to an individual’s health.  These examples are just easily recognizable, and seem to jump off the page at an individual.  Public relations also focuses on things like educating people about healthy and unhealthy trends, giving them the proper information about politicians such that an informed decision can be made, promoting films, promoting legal firms–it’s all in the moniker, really.  Public relations hearken to how the public relates to a given product or topic or service or what-have-you.  Sometimes PR firms are hired to spin something in a positive light, sometimes they’re hired to spin it in a negative light.  What’s for sure is that such firms are invaluable in shaping public opinion one way or another and a tool to be utilized by any savvy marketer in the modern age


One public relations firm that is internationally renowned for their abilities is called Fineman PR.  They are part of IPREX, which is a two-hundred million dollar network of agencies that specialize in communication.  IPREX comprises one thousand five hundred staff members and about one hundred different offices across the globe. Organizations like this specifically facilitate cogent marketing through a variety of strategies that bring regularly uninterested parties to a point of purchase or consideration.  It’s almost impossible to get the proper kind of awareness for a brand without such PR.

In the modern world are no shortages of PR firms which run a variety of campaigns.  It makes sense to find one with integrity, and a solid track record.  If PR campaigns don’t make you look good, what’s the point?  Wherever you’re coming from, it’s important to understand solid public relations are integral to operations in today’s technological realm.