The Place of SEO in Business Growth



Does search engine optimization (SEO) have any place in business growth and development? If so, what is it? This is a common question among business owners, especially those with little understanding of SEO and the power that it holds in driving business success. If only they knew how a simple examination of their non-successful business websites using SEO checker tools would help resolve a number of SEO problems that would result to improved business.

In order to improve and grow your business, you need it to be visible to your target clients while also remaining competitive in your market niche. You need to be able to increase output while minimizing your input. There needs to be less work done for more productivity. These are the business basics of a successful business entity; and this is exactly why SEO should be employed for every business entity that seeks great success.

To start with, SEO helps you come up with a bespoke website for your business. It is no use having a great looking website if it cannot bring in more business. This actually brings out the literal meaning of the saying “all that glitters is not gold”! You need to have a website that is not only great looking, but also highly visible.

In order to do this, your website must contain awesome content; articles, images, videos and other content that is educative, entertaining, interesting and highly beneficial to your website visitor. When someone comes to your website, they should learn something they did not know even if they do not buy anything from you. This is what keeps them coming back.

At the same time, the way your site is organized should be easy to understand and navigate through, even for the most novice computer user. You should have clearly labeled menu items, otherwise know as the site navigation, that group together related content in your website, while also separating unrelated content. There should be an easy way of moving from one content page to the next related content page on the website via a ‘smart’ linking strategy.

Beyond this, your website should be linked to other authority websites within your niche to also cement its position as an authority. Just as birds of the same feather flock together, so should websites of the same authority. Search for and get in touch with website owners of other websites that are considered authoritative in your niche, and compliment yours, and request to have them place a link on their site pointing back to yours. This way, you harvest part of their traffic as well as gain an authority point in the eyes of the leading search engines.

What we have described in these simple steps is an effective search engine optimization process. These are the steps you need to take to optimize your website for both the human visitor and the search engines. Of course, you cannot complete this process without the help of some SEO tools like the SEO checkers which show you what needs to be done for your site in terms of optimizing it.

About the Author:

Michael Bentos is a world renowned SEO expert. He has great experience in search engine optimization and uses the latest, most advanced SEO checker tools to examine client sites before recommending any improvements.