The Finest in Jewelry Refining Products


Jeweler’s Refining Group, located in New York, NY, is among the leaders in the precious metal refining, recovery and assaying business in the world. Known as JRG, the main office is located in West 48th Street in New York, but their salespersons and scouts are located all over the world, finding and refining the finest jewels that money can buy.

The Jeweler’s Refining Group guarantees the finest in quality to its customers, with a defined commitment to redefining the concept of excellence and delivering it to the customer, guaranteeing more than just customer satisfaction. JRG has a main office in New York City in Midtown Manhattan’s Diamond District, but also maintain processing and laboratory facilities in New York City, Long Island City, and Merida, Mexico.

Besides offering the finest quality metals and precious gems, the Jeweler’s Refining Group offers refining of gold, silver, platinum and palladium and offers maximum recovery with their firm. Skilled in the craftsmanship of jewelry and gemology, some of the finest gemologists in the world work with JRG so you can be assured that custom jewelry that may require gem removal, such as diamonds or other fine gems, will be handled with quality and talent unmatched anywhere else.

If you aren’t sure what is it that you need, or you are shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry that money can buy, factory managers, sales experts and the finest jewelers are on call and at your disposal for all of your consulting needs.

Founded in 1996, JRG was born from a unique idea that there was a market in need of quality refining services. Confident that they could provide outstanding service with utmost integrity and fair, reasonable prices from a company with an unparalleled reputation, JRG grew solely because of word of mouth from satisfied, proud customers. One client quickly grew into over 70 million manufacturers, ranging in size from one-man setting stores to overseas operations with more than 1,800 employees.

Jewelry Refining Group is the epitome of the American dream. One idea began because of the vision of a business man who saw a market that needed a quality unparalleled to any other and he provided it. Now, one store has grown into many with thousands of employees and thousands of satisfied customers. Please be our guest at one of our many showrooms where you can inquire about our products with confidence.