The 12 Days of Christmas for Less


groupon coupons

You know it’s a slow news day when the broadcast leads with what it would cost to give someone all the items mentioned in the 12 Days of Christmas song.   But what’s even more curious is that they never factor in all the discounts available on the web these days.   When was the last time you paid full price for a partridge in a pear tree?

I don’t know how staggering the total would be this year, but you can bet you can beat the price by going to a site like Groupon Coupon for savings on tens of thousands of items, including pears, partridges and trees.

And why look back on items like maids-a-milking, and Lords-a-leaping, when there are so many high tech goodies on everybody’s wish list.  Those might have been must haves in the 18th century, but I’ll take a good old fashioned pearl necklace from Lord and Taylor anytime.  And while on the site, you’ll find it easy to dress the whole family fashionably for any event this holiday season. Save on your entire purchase with a Lord and Taylor discount code !

By the numbers, you’ll find: 1 Madison, 2 Bamboo, 7 For All Mankind, 32 Degrees, 88 Rue Du Rhone and 424 Fifth.  As well as Thairapy 365.

Shop the latest finds in evening wear for him, her and them.  And if it’s baby’s first Christmas, you’ll love the adorable little items in their infant department.  Nothing brings the holiday spirit to the table like a baby bouncing on a grandparent’s knee.

Simply put, sing the 12 Days of Christmas song to your hearts content, but when it comes time to stuff those stockings, make sure they’re full of goodies people actually want.  And make sure to take advantage of the awesome savings available on the Groupon Coupon site.  You’ll save so much money you just might do a little leap for joy yourself.