Technology to Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Enough Exercise



Technology allows people to track their health in a number of ways from monitoring food intake to the amount of miles that are walked in any given day. While many people are conscientious about maintaining healthier lifestyles, what about the family pet? In many regards, your dog is just as susceptible to obesity and various complications as you. What kind of technology exists for monitoring the health of your best friend? Actually, there is quite a bit available for tracking healthier habits for dogs.

 GPS Trackers for Collars

Global position systems are used in many consumer electronics. From the smartphone in your pocket to vehicle installations, tracking through signal triangulation is popular for finding items and people. Many health apps use the GPS capabilities of your smartphone to track your mileage and speed while running or cycling giving you an accurate portrayal of that physical activity. Fortunately, dogs are able to benefit from such devices as well.

Collar attachments allow you to view your dog’s activity through an app on your smartphone. Many of these track similar aspects of those designed for humans. A few of these may also allow you to share experiences such as jogs with your dog on social media sites. Whether you are by your dog’s side while jogging in the park or monitoring his or her activity while you’re at work, you can determine if the pet is getting enough physical activity in the day.

Bio Readings for Your Dog

Activity tracking can tell you a lot about the physical movement of your dog, but what about his or her bio readings? There are collar devices in existence that will provide the animal’s temperature, pulse rate, respiration and activity in a single unit. This may be incredibly helpful for owners that have dogs susceptible to health complications such as diabetes and various illnesses. From an app on your smartphone, you can monitor the overall health of your canine friend from virtually anywhere you have Internet access. Still, for such pets it’s best to also stay covered with the best pet insurance you can get.

 Automatic Dog Food Dispensers to Reduce Overeating

Obesity is just as harmful to a dog as it is to a human. It’s often caused by the same two major components: lack of exercise and lack of portion control while eating. The automatic dog feeder is not a new idea or device, but many of them have evolved over the years thanks to leaps in technology. Many of these devices can be programmed with specific times of feeding as well as the amount to dispense. If you have a breed such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback, portion control is vital as the canine is notorious for having an eating disorder.

These are just a few technological wonders that can help you keep your canine friend in optimum physical health. While you may be concerned about the weight you’re gaining, pay attention to your dog’s physical appearance as well. Make an effort to live your life healthier while providing a healthier lifestyle for your pets.