Technology and Healing: Humanitarian Progressivism



Many people have the attitude that if there’s one thing that they want technology to do, it’s to help people. Advances in science, processing power, artificial intelligence, communication methods – all of it can be used to make the human situation better, assuming that it’s embraced by people who have this end goal in mind.

Consider how technology is positively affecting things like helping addicts to recover, connecting like minds across the globe, creating a culture that promotes a balanced future, improving medical science, and studying big data looking for the trends that will help with things like disease control on a massive scale.

Helping With Recovery

For people who need addiction support during their recovery journey, new technology can make the difference between success and failure. Mobile phones in particular help addicts with recovery by assisting with new habit-forming methods, connecting people to beneficial groups, monitoring different behaviors, and allowing searches on the go for all different types of information. In addition, just the ability to constantly search for inspiration can make a huge difference.

Connecting Like Minds

The popularity of social media means that more like minds can connect than ever before, and that means that groups of people who want to do great things for the world can communicate instantly with each other about millions of topics. Starting social groups allows types of conversations that were never available in the past, and there’s more potential for radical progressivism within the human situation than ever before. There will always be naysayers, but by the same token, there are now millions of people connecting via new technology in a way that presents a more hopeful picture of the future.

Thinking Of the Future of the Planet

The future is uncertain to a degree, but the future of the planet in terms of things like climate change is more knowable. Thanks to new technology to record and analyze data, scientists have a better idea now what sort of changes civilized culture will have to make in order to find a better balance with nature in the long run.

Medical Science Improvements

Technology is also moving medical science forward, which is in turn allowing people to live longer, happier, more productive lives. Improvements in surgical procedures alone have extended the fruitful lives of countless people. And there a many more healthy births than before as well because of improvements in sterilization processes.

Studying Big Data

Big data holds the key to the future. If enough processing power can be harnessed to check the trends of humanity, then we can all make adjustments to how we live in order to have the best future possible. Systems thinking is going to be key, so that more than single factors are considered as solutions to complex problems.