Technology Enhances Life For Business Professionals

How to Use Tech to Improve Personal Productivity


Though technology is to blame for much of the common stressors in the lives of many, it can also serve as a great source of relief.  For business professionals, the use of technology is inevitable.  The best way to adjust to a lifestyle full of technology is to learn how this quickly developing field of information can work to ease the pain of the “daily grind.”

Professionals all over the world have managed to find thousands of ways to integrate technology into their daily routine for the sole purpose of making everything easier.  Take a moment to look at some of the most popular ways in which technology enhances life for business professionals.

Wireless/Solar charging

Cords and wires were so last year.  The world of wireless chargers for mobile devices is quickly expanding and developing.  There are cell phone cases that will charge the device throughout the day; there are solar backpacks that will charge several devices at once without plugging into anything.

Not only does wireless/solar charging save on hassle by cutting down on wires, but this technological development is a more kind solution for the environment.  When fewer wires are being produced, there are fewer plastics and other environmentally harmful materials being produced.

Fitness trackers

When living the life of a professional business person, it is imperative to maintain exceptional personal health.  Without some type of healthy lifestyle intact, it is far more difficult to succeed in the world of business.

Utilize one of the many personal fitness apps and tools available on the market to help develop a healthy daily routine.  Studies show that a healthy daily routine is always positively impactful to personal performance and drive.

Wi-Fi resetting plug

Anyone who is well-versed in business understands that a Wi-Fi router is a moody piece of technology.  It is no rare occasion that users will have to reset their routers due to a fickle connection.  Stopping work to unplug and reset a router is a highly erroneous way to spend the day.

Check out the ResetPlug.  The device’s sole purpose is to reset the router whenever the signal goes wonky.  The ResetPlug will automatically monitor the router’s connection and reset the device whenever there is a drop in signal.  Just plug the router into the ResetPlug, then into the wall, and enjoy interruption-free internet service.

Smart coffee maker

Coffee is an essential part of the life of many professionals today.  When time is always such a prized commodity, making coffee is not always feasible in the morning.  Technology has solved this vexing issue with the Nespresso Prodigio.

Nespresso Prodigio is a smart coffee maker that offers Bluetooth capabilities and multiple programmable functions.  This coffee maker will turn itself off and on, brew at a set time via Bluetooth, select a specific type of coffee to brew, and (when milk is added) brew a more fancy drink like a latte or macchiato.