Technology: A Key to Better Medicine


It is only normal to expect that advances in technology will improve the way the healthcare system works. The better the technology, the greater our ability to provide treatment options. From x-rays to magnetic resonance imaging, technology gives us the power to look deep inside the human body. With each step into the future of technology, our imaging gets better and the technology gets smaller. Before long, the famed Star Trek Tricorder, which was thought to be a thing of science fiction, will prove to be the future of science fact. Such an advancement would make mobile medical technicians a more functional idea in the medical industry.

For now, you may still have to meet with someone like a lactation consultant for the purpose of addressing issues with breast feeding your new born. This whole idea of making appointments to meet with healthcare professionals at their office will soon become a thing of the past. Technology is already changing how people interface with their doctors on many levels.

There is an App for That 

One of the great technological advancements for our time is the mobile app. If you are ready to kick how you manage various aspects of your own healthcare into the tech arena, then it is time to start looking at available apps. Apps exist that help people to exercise and monitor all sorts of things going on with their bodies. This type of self health monitoring will only improve with such advances as the Apple watch. Since it is always attached to a user’s wrist, it is the perfect device for taking various bodily readings.

According to an article from New Republic, the Apple watch will be able to easily monitor and report our pulse rate to an app designed to gather and use this information. It is a situation where Apple watch users may not be able to hide their blood pressure stats from their doctors anymore. Although, this may be a good thing, especially if a person starts to develop a record of dangerous blood pressure readings for prolonged periods of time. In such a case, a person might get a call from their doctor to nip any problems with their blood pressure in the bud early. More importantly, a doctor might be alerted if a patient is producing readings that suggest that they are going into cardiac arrest.

Mobile Technology and Other Medical Uses 

Another interesting application of mobile technology is in dentistry. Since you can text pictures back and forth to your dentist, this makes it possible for your dentist to take a look at problems you are having with your teeth by remote. In fact, the development of special cameras might be a good idea, so that sick people can take images of various hard to view body parts, such as the inside of their mouth, to get a diagnosis over the phone.

In the area of alternative medicine, images of the tongue, eyes and fingernails could potentially tell the physician all they need to know to determine what is wrong with a patient. Doctors could in turn charge less for these quick phone consultations, which will prove to be more cost effective in non-emergency medical situations. In addition, with less people needing to visit the doctors office, technology will help many people avoid coming into contact with other sick people in the waiting room.