Tech Tips for Advocates in Dubai


Due to 21st century’s recent technological developments it is necessary to guide lawyers and advocates in Dubai with tech tips to make their life easier some of which are as follows,

Use high end Computers

Due to work load sometimes being heavy there is a need for a computer with high end specification for the programs to run smoothly without any lagging

Install antivirus, antimalware & antispyware

When you have important and confidential information it’s a good idea to ask your IT guy to install antivirus, antimalware and antispyware to your computer to safe and protect the information for your legal cases

Check for Updates

Always check for new updates for your system and carry out the essential updates in your spare time. This will enhance your user experience and stop PC lagging.

Printer & Scanner Maintenance

It’s best to get your printer and scanner maintenance done from your contracted company on weekly basis so there is no hassle with your printing and scanning due to heavy requirement as an advocate

Internet Speed

Due to online court system being used frequently on regular basis it is recommended to get an internet connection with high speed and confirm the quality if there is frequent disconnection or slow speed.

Password protection

Try to keep your computer password protected at all times because of confidential legal information that you possess. You never know when anyone can login and try to steal the data

Developing software for internal use

For the lawyers to speed up, organize and remember there is a need for software development today then tomorrow which helps lawyers to store, schedule and update

Cloud computing

The use of cloud computing is the next big thing because it helps save data on remote servers rather than a local server making it flexible and safer providing people with robust disaster recovery

Latest Software’s

Try to buy and use the latest versions available in the market due to the fact that it will have bug fixes, better user interface and with added features and functionalities

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