Take a Look at the Evolution of Music Listening Technology


When you are watching videos on your Youtube Downloader, , have you ever thought about how many people are watching Youtube at the same time? According to this fascinating infographic, over 2,777,777 videos are viewed on Youtube every minute! That is an incredible amount of footage and with this sheer volume of traffic it’s not surprising that Youtube is the 3rd most popular website on the internet – just after Google and Facebook.
The millions of Youtube videos that are uploaded every day are not just funny videos of puppies or newsreader bloopers. The website contains clips from films, movie trailers, music videos, instructional slideshows, how-to tutorials, comedy sketches, opinion vlogs and many other different types of videos. There is something for everyone on Youtube, which is why the website is so popular.
Take a look at this interesting infographic to learn more about Youtube and how popular it really is. Can you believe how much some of the most popular Youtube celebrities make from their channels? The top 10 channels have millions of subscribers every year and they make millions of dollars from the ad revenue generated by the video views. Pretty amazing, huh?

What Happens in a YouTube Minute- An infographic by the team at youtubedownload

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