Superior Tech Toys For Your Kids In 2018


Most people can agree on one thing in life; when it comes to your children, you always want the very best.  No matter the subject or topic matter, your kids deserve the very best possible outcome, and that includes their toys.  

Today’s tech-driven society means that your children are going to want the latest and greatest of all the hottest gadgets and gizmos on the market, and it’s your job to become familiar with the “coolest” toys of the season.  

Take a few moments now to check out some of the most superior tech toys for your kids in 2018, and start shopping for your expensive Christmas list today.  

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been at the top of its game for generations, and it shows little signs of slowing.  The newest release from the mega-company is the Nintendo Switch.  It is named such due to the ability to switch your gameplay from the television to a handheld device with just a few clicks.  

Nintendo is taking gaming to the next level with retrograde play options, mobile play abilities, and hot new games released every month.  This tech toy will cost you around $300, but your kid will not be disappointed.

SAM Labs Science Museum Inventor Kit

Your kid’s tech toys should also improve their intelligence along the way, so make sure to invest in at least one educational gift this year.  The SAM Labs Science Museum Inventor Kit will have your kids explaining the process of nitrogen purging before you even figure out how to use the tool.  

If you want your children learning while they play, this “toy” is one of the best on the market.  It was developed in partnership with the London Science Museum, and includes loads of information for your children to explore.  

Learn morse code, the ins and outs of alarm systems, manipulate physical accessories to virtually create and build whatever the mind can imagine.  It comes with a light sensor, a buzzer, a tilt sensor, a motor, and a few other loose pieces to add to the creating experience. This kit is great for kinesthetic learners.

LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit

You may find yourself wanting to explore this next tech toy because its coolness level is beyond compare.  The LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit gives your kids the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build their own R2-D2.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Your kids now have the chance to personalize their own Star Wars droid with lots of flashing lights, beeping, and whistling.  This tech toy will keep your kids engaged for hours upon hours, and you can find it for just under a hundred dollars.

Dropmix for kids who love music

If your kids are particularly interested in music but too young to have full-scale music equipment, the Dropmix tech toy is the answer.  The device is an electronic board that uses small NFC-enabled cards to mix well-known songs.

For instance, if your kid has the card for “ABC” by the Jackson 5 and “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed, they can create a sort of instant mashup by combining the cards on the device.