How Technology Is Helping People to Stay Productive and Efficient When Working from Home


Technology is responsible for all kinds of changes in the way people go about their everyday lives, but nowhere is its effects more profound than in peoples’ professional lives and their careers. Not only has it changed how people can go about their jobs, but it has also transformed where a person can go about their work. Statistics show that as many as 25% of people in the U.S. work from home at least occasionally, making telecommuting one of the biggest trends out there. Thanks to technology, telecommuting is not only possible, but it is allowing people to work seamlessly from any location.

How Technology Is Helping People to Stay Productive and Efficient When Working from Home

If you have been increasing the amount of time that you are working from home, and want to be sure your productivity and efficiency levels stay high, here are the key technology items/products you’ll want to make use of.

Video Conferencing

For many workplaces, face-to-face meetings are necessary in order to go about day-to-day activities. That can mean meetings with co-workers or clients/customers. Now just because you may be working from your home office, doesn’t mean this has to change. Home office video conferencing solutions provide you with the opportunity to continue those face-to-face style meetings via a computer.

A great example of this type of software is, which makes it possible for you to host a video conference with just one person or a team, all for free. You don’t even need to download anything, as it can work straight through your existing browser.

Cloud Storage Services

Another game changer in the telecommuting trend has been cloud storage services. What this allows people to do is access and share documents and files in real-time from any location in the world. Of course, it also works as a safety measure to back up your files. No longer do you have to be sitting at your desk at the office with everyone else in order to access the content you need.

Time Track and Project Tracking Tools

Another obstacle that has easily been addressed by technology is time-tracking and project-tracking tools. When you’re in the office with everyone else, it can seem easy to chat with co-workers from various departments and ensure that everything is on track with daily tasks and projects. At home it can feel as though you’re out of the loop. This kind of tracking software again makes it possible to collaborate in real-time and feel as though you are right there with everyone else.

Many of these types of apps and software even have messaging built into them so you can chat with co-workers, make edits in real time, add tasks, prioritize them, share your schedule, etc.

Telecommuting Has Never Been More Seamless

All of these technology trends and breakthroughs have made telecommuting not only possible, but seamless and efficient. Additionally, there have been studies that show that employees who are able to work from home and given the option to telecommute, are in fact more productive, making it a win-win for all.