Starting a website: here’s what you need to know


Nowadays, having a digital presence is essential. Whether you’re setting up a website for fun, wanting to write a blog, or if you run a business, it’s a must. Without a digital presence, no one will be able to find you, and that’s why having a website is so important. Nearly everyone is online these days, so having a digital presence is a great way to reach new and existing consumers and engage with them. When you construct an excellent website, consumers will be able to view your site and navigate it well. Ultimately, this should encourage them to return to the site in the future. Here are a few tips you might want to consider when setting up your website. 

Web Design

The design of your website is something you should think long and hard about. Your site needs to be easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to use. Users will go elsewhere and use a different site to meet their needs better if it’s not. 

When considering web design, there are a few key features you may want to include. For example, your logo should be on every single page of the website. The logo should also be linked to the homepage. If anyone were to be on a particular page and wanted to get back, a simple click of the logo would do that for them. Dropdown menus, subheadings and images are also essential. As you can imagine, this web design process can get a little confusing at times as there are many design features to consider. That’s why a lot of businesses rely on the best web design London has available. By working with the experts, they can craft a unique website that looks great, functions well and is also compatible with many digital marketing features. 


The content of your website is incredibly important. Depending on what kind of website you’re creating, your content will vary, but you need to ensure that it represents you well and registers with the search engines. 

Your content must be in line with the services or products you offer when it comes to relevancy. For example, if your website is designed to inform people about pet care and sell dog food, it wouldn’t be relevant to then have a page dedicated to skincare. It wouldn’t make sense, and it would be not very clear to both users of the website and search engines. Therefore, to create a great website, you must have relevant content. 

Before crafting this content, you may want to consider what competitors are doing. By understanding the market, you can pinpoint a unique selling point (USP) and craft content around it. This will then set you apart from your competitors and give users something new to look at or purchase. This will also allow you to be more competitive and hopefully gain more site visitors. 

Digital Marketing

Once a website has been designed, and content ideas have been thought of, it’s time to look at digital marketing. This type of marketing can improve your online visibility and help you reach a wider audience. Reaching a wider audience then means more visits to your site, which is what everyone wants.

Digital marketing is quite complex, and it’s not something that can be done overnight. It takes time to perfect a marketing strategy, but there are some tactics you can use when building your website. Firstly, when it comes to headings, ensure you use something that can be easily understood by search engines and ensure the heading is coded correctly on the website. If you’re using a platform like WordPress to create your website, this will be done for you. If you’re building the website with a team of people, ensure your headings are coded properly, ensuring major search engines notice them. Another tactic you can use is by naming all of the images in the alt description. By naming your image exactly what it is, for example, dog-food-for-elderly-dogs, search engines can pick up on these details and rank your image and website higher when someone searches for those exact words.  

There are plenty of other digital marketing tips you can use but understanding the basics before implementing various tactics is essential. Speak to specialists if you’re unsure!