Startapp Platform for Android : A Comprehensive Guide


Startapp is a great mobile platform which targets to deal with the important concerns of the mobile phone industry today; app monetization that most of the app developers face today when struggling to make profits from the free application they develop and the other is the app distribution which is to earn a considerable amount of downloads all over the globe. Today it is very difficult for the app developers to make money, thus the company provides you with the startapp review from where you can learn about money making ideas from the app developer. This platform is absolutely free and any developer in the world can join it, pick up their SDK and start enjoying the higher android monetization.


How it works?

The platform is absolutely free and you do not have to pay for any type of fee. No matter from which country you belong, how many apps you have, how good or bad it is, how many downloads it is getting. This platform is for everyone. The company supplies an SDK to the developer, once integrated you can easily upload your application in the android stores. Currently, it is only available for the Android OS but will branch out for other platforms as well. There are two payment models like pay per download where the company will pay the developers for every android apps download when customers will download your application for which SDK of the company is accepted. The other is revenue share where developers are paid considerable amounts that they earn from their advertisers in return for the advertisements shown on your application.

How safe it is?

This android ad network is hundred percent safe and they hold the highest standards of privacy. Today there are many developers who are taking advantages of this platform to generate revenues. Learn from the android forums, more about the company. This is one of the profitable platforms, which you can choose.

Monetize android app can also be done with the help of placing advertisements on the applications and games you develop. There are different types of ads, which you can put on your application. The more the views and downloads, the more revenue developers gets. This is also one of the effective ways to generate profit. App advertising.

Keep updated

Android News is the best resource from where you can get information on all the latest arrivals in the android market.  It is important that you are aware of the current trends and what is going on the market so that you can take the advantages of their offerings. There are many ways by which you can get information, keep yourself up to date, and learn methods for android monetization.

Developers can even earn profits from making both the free and premium android apps. You just have to make sure that you are using the current and the latest strategies for the monetization otherwise your skills may lose in the huge crowd of other developers, which will of great loss to you.