Stargirl: What Makes Comic Book Adaptations Appealing


The CW has brought to life yet another DC comic hero. In a world of comic adaptations, you may be wondering what it is that keeps producers bringing these stories to life. What do audiences love so much about superheroes? If you and your family love superheroes, you’ll love Courtney Whitmore, or as many fans know her, Stargirl.

The Power of Justice

Courtney Whitmore fights for justice. Justice is a principle that most people can agree on that is universally good. Audiences want to see the bad guys lose. They want to see good persevere and the villains get what they deserve. Comic books and superheroes deliver these plotlines constantly. They deliver stories of people that audiences can relate to, who rise to the occasion and beat unimaginable odds. This gives something for kids to look up to, but it also gives something for adults to get lost in.

The Importance of the Good Fight

The good fight connects a lot of people to superheroes. Look at the history of DC comics, for instance. Since 1939, the stories of DC characters have touched people. They’ve become iconic. TV adaptations of DC shows are nothing new. Live-action TV adaptions give long-time fans a way to see their heroes manifest in real life. It also brings the comics to a wider audience.

The executive producer, Geoff Johns, and those who have worked tirelessly on Stargirl have brought her to a larger audience. People have a connection with superheroes because of the good fight. The world can be tough. Superhero TV shows provide an escape for the modern viewer. They can turn on the TV and witness the fight for good.

The Love of Action

Stargirl delivers a lot of action to viewers. It has the action that people have grown to love out of the DC universe. Families enjoy having action delivered to their living rooms once a week. They want emotional, deep storylines with a dose of excitement. Comic heroes have found a way to balance the action with rich storytelling. Stargirl captures that magic with stories that have heart, without sacrificing the action.

Comic books have been beloved for decades. The success of comic book adaptations has only grown. While comic book adaptations are nothing new, there is a reason why they continue to be so successful amongst all audiences. Stargirl is a brand new adaptation of a beloved character that families can enjoy together.