Snovio Email Tracker: Monitor The Gmail Activity


When you run a sales business, monitoring and tracking emails is much more important than just writing. An email tracker is the tool that helps you be aware of those who are really interested in your email and are bothering to open it. The tracker tools help you ultimately identify your services that are attracting people to you.

During our detailed investigation, we’ve discovered one of these Gmail tracking tools that work very effectively. This is the Snovio Email Tracker that helps you not only increase sales, but also improve the overall reputation in the marketing and sales sector.

Monitor the Email Activity

When we started evaluating this email tracking option, we understood that it is a great tracking tool that monitors outgoing emails and their responses. It has an amazing way to track emails. First, it informs on the opens of the email. When the recipient clicks the link in the message body, you will also be notified with a push notification.

I have found out that this Gmail tracker will help you track the status of your email and its performance when it reaches the recipient. This means that you will have complete information on what to do next. For example, if the recipient responds positively to your email, then you will be assured of its excellent performance. While it does not attract the recipient’s attention, you can make some changes that will improve the quality of the email and the next time your message is answered. To make improvements, you can simply change the subject line of the email that will first draw the recipient’s attention if, in the past, your mail was not even open. Now, if the recipient opens the email but does not click on the link, then you can change the body of the message and, what is more important, the CTA to persuade the recipient to act.

Snovio Email Tracker Extension

One of the most amazing things I’ve learnt about Snovio email tracking system is that they’ve created their email tracking extension that does not intend to make a profit. On the contrary, they are more concerned about facilitating their users. I have studied many amazing features of this tracker. These are given below:

  • The tool is forever-free, so you will never have to donate to unlock any features.
  • It keeps a complete record of the number of times that the email is opened by the recipient.
  • It monitors the number of clicks on the email you sent to them.
  • It provides notifications immediately in the user’s browser whenever the email is open or when the link is clicked.
  • The email is logos- and signatures-free, so the recipients will never know that you are following the actions they are performing.

After reading all these features, I am quite convinced that this email tracker is an amazing professional tool, irreplaceable once you have started using it.

Using Snovio Email Tracker

When I downloaded the Snovio email tracker, I found it very simple and easy to use because it requires a simple installation. You simply have to click the Add to Chrome button. And that’s all. Once the installation finished, you can customize it according to your needs.

A great feature they’ve added to this Gmail tracker is the ability to shedule the email sending. So, you can click the Envelope button and set the day and time when the email is to be sent.

If you are sending the email that you don’t want to be tracked, you can deactivate this feature for a definite message. Quite useful, isn’t it?

The next thing I’d like to point at is reminder. You can activate this feature and you will receive an email saying that the recipient has not opened the email, hasn’t clicked the link in the email body, and hasn’t replied to you.

Final chords

In my opinion, Snovio email tracker is a very effective tracking tool available at no cost. They will never ask you to upgrade the current version to the paid one. The tool has got lots of useful features and I would recommend everyone to use it.