Simplify Your New Home Search With Technology


One of the most effective tools for both real estate agents and home buyers today is a database of properties for sale on a statewide database. With the new technology, real estate agents have access to more information than they can get from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data.

The service, which is currently available to Realtors in several California counties, allows Realtors to gain access to any properties state state through other agents who are part of the same network. The statewide service is more cost-effective and user-friendly than the traditional MLS.


Other advantages of the new system include:

  • A database that’s accessible to Realtors and other users
  • Innovative interfaces that allow different user experiences
  • A feed for virtual office websites
  • A neutral platform for users to go through their browser of choice

The first real estate store states that one of the most innovative new ways to search for real estate is with the first online real estate store for Realtors and home buyers in the greater Miami area. The new concept creates a unique shopping experience for buyers searching for the home of their dreams.

Buyers can browse through virtually any property that’s listed in the Miami region, which means it should be a lot easier to find what they’re looking for at the digital kiosks. The store is a great option for:

  • Buyers searching for new or resale homes, condos, or new communities with available rentals
  • Sellers who want more exposure for their home than in traditional MLS listings
  • Renters who want to search properties

In addition to this new concept in searching for available homes, it’s possible to take virtual tours of available homes so you can see what each of them has to offer.

Mobile technology to search listings

According to this article a big revolution is transforming the process of searching for a new home. Although most people search real estate listings online, statistics have shown that more than eight out of ten search real estate listings on their tablet or smartphone.

While it’s true that most people still find the home they ultimately buy through a real estate agent, many of them initially search for properties online. Another recent trend is searching for a new home on social media, which is also playing a bigger role in locating suitable properties.

Resources on MLS sites

According to Home Listings Finder, you can find MLS listings on one easy-to-navigate site. When you check out the real estate resources, you can find listings quickly by city, state, or zip code.
You can also find valuable resources that include discussions of:

  • Buying a home and how to finance it
  • Choosing the right neighborhood for you
  • Financing options for home buyers

Although new technology is making it easier than ever to search hundreds of real estate listings fairly quickly, every home buyer needs a good real estate agent to show the properties and guide them through the process.

It’s vital to choose a team of Realtors who have experience and knowledge, and can provide you with the highest quality of service.