Russia Maps Weather Crimea ukraineespoacute9to5mac

Russia Maps Weather Crimea ukraineespoacute9to5mac

Apple Maps Updated to Show Crimea as a Part of Ukraine

You may come across some controversial changes on different applications. These changes are usually within the country’s geographical boundaries, and the respective government takes a firm stand against such applications. A classic example of such issues is Google Maps, which controversies have surrounded on multiple occasions. In recent news, Apple found itself in one such controversy when it updated the Apple Maps and weather application.


As per the new update, Crimea was displayed as a part of Russia. The change was visible to all the users staying in Crimea. In the same update, users from another part of the world noticed something different. For such users, Crimea was showing up as an independent region. After some boycotts, Apple clarified that it recognizes Crimea as an integral part of Ukraine. However, Crimea would still show as a part of Russia for Russian Apple Users.

Russia Maps Weather Crimea ukraineespoacute9to5mac

This comes when Russia and Ukraine are engulfed in war, and missiles are wreaking havoc on both countries. You might also be aware that in 2014, Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula, and since then, Crimea has been administered by Russia. Many nations do not recognize this change in geographical boundaries.

What is Russia Maps Weather Crimea ukraineespoacute9to5mac  ?

Apple Maps now says Crimea is part of Ukraine , except if you’re in Russia

Tech companies have had multiple discussions on how to tackle such issues. There are many territorial disputes worldwide, and tech companies usually end up in controversy because of the representation of the maps. Here, Google & Apple adopt a neutral policy where the app is updated per people’s perception in a particular region. After the war’s initiation, Apple is again showing Crimea as a part of Ukraine (Except for Russian Users).

It must be noted that in 2022, Apple also stopped selling Apple devices in Russia. This is because of sanctions, and this action was also to show support towards Ukraine. Apple has also removed the applications hosted by the Russian state media. The sanctions have also led to the suspension of services like Apple Pay.