Rise of Video Marketing in The Post-COVID World

Rise of Video Marketing in The Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a profound impact on our lives, both personally and professionally. A large number of businesses have suffered substantial revenue cuts during these challenging times. However, when it comes to the consumption of video-based content, the trends are starkly opposite.

During the pandemic, videos have become an essential tool not only for marketing and customer engagement but also for education, information, collaboration, entertainment, and socialization. In this blog, we will discuss how video marketing trends have changed since the Coronavirus pandemic broke. We will also have a look at some video marketing statistics and how new businesses can leverage videos in multiple ways to foster profits.


Rise of Video Marketing in The Post-COVID World


Video Trends in The Post-COVID World

  1. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer engagement of digital content has gone up by 80%.

The restrictions imposed by governments of various countries to control the spread of Coronavirus has forced people to look out for an alternate way to seek information or entertainment. According to Forbes, COVID-19 has persuaded people to consume more digital content and rely less on face-to-face activities.

  1. Small Business Trends suggests that video content generates 12X more shares than text and images combined.

Videos are a combination of the audio and visual medium, that impacts viewers and have a better probability of keeping the audience engaged. Social sites have options like comment, like, and share, which helps the reach of your message, product, and brand.

  1. Videos will form  82% of all the content created by 2022, which is 15 times higher than what it was back in 2017.

As per research reports from Cisco, video is and will be the kingpin of content format. With a high probability of incredible growth, businesses are investing more in videos through their sales and marketing channel.

  1. In a survey, 7 out of 10 customers have expected to increase their YouTube usage for marketing.

For any marketer, a proper YouTube strategy is a must. There is no alternative to videos when it comes to audience engagement and generating leads. Whether you are a small business owner, a start-up, or a solopreneur, the importance of videos for informing, entertaining, and engaging the audience, cannot be overseen. In the -COVID-19 era, people are actively looking for videos on topics like work from home, telecommuting, stress reduction, fitness, cooking, and studying.

As a business, you should try to create 1-2 videos around these topics and include a  message to stay safe during the pandemic to increase videos’ reach and user engagement. Since more and more marketers are making videos, there is more than ever a need for brands to be exclusive in their videos promotion. It is better to take on a niche and create videos that are specifically made to fit customers’ needs.

  1. During the pandemic, 66% of businesses have used video to communicate with their team, clients, and audience.

Since meeting face-to-face is risky, many organizations have taken steps like remote working and work from home, videos are now the only way to interact with stakeholders as of now. Web meeting software has shown unprecedented growth during the lockdown period. Although things are opening up now, people are being cautious and preferring videos as a mode of communication more.

  1. Research by Fifty Wheel revealed that more than 31% of enterprises would invest more in online video software.

In these tough times, when revenues for businesses are depleting, and people are facing a cash crunch, it is utterly important to sustain oneself. To do that, enterprises are investing heavily in video software and technology so that they can be in touch with their audience base.

  1. According to research by Forbes, an average person will watch 100 minutes of video every day by the end of 2020.

With no option left to entertain, more and more people are resorting to videos for their daily dose of entertainment. The OTT platforms, YouTube, social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others, have played a significant role in entertaining viewers and ultimately lured them to watch more and more videos. This increased video consumption and growing demand for fresh content provide an opportunity for businesses to enhance their audience reach drastically.

  1. Search results with videos have 41% higher CTR compared to text or image-based results, reported AOK Marketing.

Search engine result pages with videos have a higher probability of landing on the first page in organic search compared to those with just text and images. Although videos don’t have a direct impact on SEO like text, it can boost your rankings. With videos on the landing page, there is a more probability that your dwell time will enhance. Videos can prove to be a huge differentiator in your marketing campaigns.

  1. According to Hubspot, a product with videos can increase sales by 144%.

Videos are a powerful tool for reducing your site’s bounce rate. The more time users spend on your site, the higher is the probability of them purchasing your products and services. Moreover, people who watch videos will spend 2X more time on your site. Be it intros, informational, how-to, product launch, or product reviews; any format of video can improve traffic and sales.


Lastly, captioning is a factor that decides whether your videos will be watched until the end or not. Moreover, 75% of people in a survey stated that they want their favorite brands to make ads to support and serve people in these tough times. However, they don’t want businesses to exploit this opportunity for promotions. Again, viewers want their trusted brand to reassure them about the safety measures they are taking during COVID-19 times. By now, you must be aware of the power and potential of videos in the marketing channel. If you too want to create videos for your sales, check out online video editing software for making compelling videos