Relating Time To Technology, Project By Project


It’s always interesting to look at the relationship between time and technology. The more time goes by, the more technology is available. And, the more technology is available, more time we can save doing different activities because of higher power and faster processing. So it’s a curious and mutual relationship between the two concepts.

A few different ways to look at this relationship between time and technology might be to check out time-lapse illustrations of construction and output, note how big data helps create time-related output, explore why the smaller and faster equation is unique to modern technology, and recognize how the rise of efficiency engineering is making a change in the way the world operates.

Time Lapse Illustrations

Looking at time-lapse videos is a fascinating way to see how technology works outside of the usual perspective of perception. The human mind takes in data at a certain rate. But when you use cameras to capture construction or processing, it puts things in an entirely different light. And it could be the technology has allowed this time-lapse presentation, or you could be taking a time-lapse video of some new piece of technology!

Big Data Trends

When you study big data, time is always part of the ultimate readout. How many things happened during this period? How soon should changes occur? How long will it be before some trend changes? All of those can be answered by looking into the readouts that big data produces, and the more time that you spend absorbing, analyzing, and researching big data, the more can tell you.

The Smaller and Faster Equation

As time goes by, technology gets smaller and faster. You can use that general principle, or its more specific parallel, Moore’s law, to your business advantage. You can expect that technology will improve at this particular rate, so even if you don’t have the capacity or capability to do what you want at this moment, within a certain amount of time, there’s going to be something that fits that bill. So this way, you can invest in the future from the perspective of the comprehension that technology does not stand still.

The Rise of Efficiency Engineering

And finally, there is a constant desire for improvement that has led to the rise of efficiency engineering. If some item can be produced, it can probably be produced more efficiently by analyzing and observing the process of production. If that seems like a bit of an esoteric statement, just consider that athletes are constantly improving their game by increasing their efficiency from many different perspectives. They are making themselves stronger more quickly by observing how the human body works, and what sort of exercises and conditioning can get them to their ideal status sooner than the competition.