Real Estate SEO: Make The Smart Decision

Real Estate SEO Make The Smart Decision

Real estate professionals such as yourself are prime prospects for a majority of businesses that offer real estate search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

Real Estate SEO Make The Smart Decision

You would like to have more listings and sales and they would like you to believe they can provide those things to you.

If you have not received letters, emails or call from a couple of real estate SEO firms yet telling you how they can rank your real estate website within the top ten of the major search engines, then be prepared, because they will be coming soon.

Many real estate professionals are unsure whether they should hire a search engine optimisation expert or an agency for managing their SEO campaigns.

Will you end up getting burned?  Is it worth investing in?

There isn’t one right decision here, but there are dumb ones and smart ones.

The following are a couple of things for you to consider when making your decision regarding whether to hire a real estate SEO company or not.

Search Engine Optimisation:

  1. When it comes to the internet marketing puzzle, SEO is only one piece of it. It isn’t a bad thing to hire a company to get your real estate website optimised for the search engines, but you do need to understand that it is just one part of an overall internet marketing plan. You will leave lots of money on the table if you focus on SEO too much.

When your website has good ranking it might appear like it can successfully generate real estate leads for you.  However, that isn’t necessarily true.

Search engine optimisation and internet marketing in the past were almost synonymous with one another.  SEO was basically marketing online – that was all that you needed to do in order for people to notice you and get leads.  However, times have changed.

You need to understand that you first need to get your marketing right before going online and spending money and time to get prospects visiting your real estate website.

What that means is you need to identify who your target market is, get a message created that perfectly suits them and then deliver your message using the media that your audience responds to the best.

You need to do all of this before you start thinking about search engine optimisation.

  1. With SEO there are no guarantees. There are many SEO companies that cold-call realtors and guarantee results or make the impression they can guarantee results.

However, there is no such thing as a guarantee with SEO.  When an SEO company tries to provide you with a results-based guarantee you should run away and look elsewhere.

Don’t waste your time speaking with them.

  1. Listen closely to find out exactly what is being offered by the company you are talking to. A majority of SEO companies when they call will make big promises about how they can improve your website’s rankings.  Many do good work.  It sounds pretty simple, right?

What is your goal exactly?  Do you want increased real estate business or good rankings?  Don’t get all caught up in that myth that higher rankings = more listings or more leads or more sales.  Better rankings only equal better rankings.  Nothing more.

What you need to know in a nutshell is good rankings are important and SEO is important.  However, SEO isn’t a silver bullet that can solve everything for your real estate company.  It won’t fix your marketing problems.  Also, a real estate website that is well optimised might bring in tons of prospects to your website, but it won’t do you any good if they don’t ever contact you.

  1. Marketing is marketing. It always has been and will be in the future. The internet doesn’t change anything about it.  The internet does provide you with an efficient delivery system that can be used to distribute your marketing message.

So whether you get outside help for managing your internet marketing campaigns, the most important thing for you to remember is that you can’t outsource your own marketing responsibilities.  It isn’t a smart decision to outsource your own marketing, including on the internet.  Marketing, after all, is the most leveraged activity that you possibly can be engaged with.

Marketing IS your business.

You are the one who is the mastermind of your own business.  You need to be the one that comes up with your plan.  Then you can hire somebody to implement it.