Primus Webmail – Step by Step Guide about Primus Canada

Primus Webmail

Primus Webmail is one of the online webmail clients that allows you to check emails on the go. This webmail is provided by the Primus company for their clients who buy their internet package and communication plans. Here we will help you to understand the Primus webmail and the ways to register and use the webmail. We have also explained in brief the features and options that are available in the Primus Webmail.

Steps to login Primus Webmail:

Here I have explained the method to login Primus Webmail in simple steps. Follow the steps to get logged into your Primus account.


  1. Latest browser or any standalone email client
  2. Fast or decent internet connection

Steps to login:

Primus Webmail

  1. Open the browser of your choice.
  2. In the taskbar type the URL and hit enter.
  3. It will take you to the Login page of the Primus Webmail.
  4. If you are already a registered member then you will have the webmail credentials.
  5. Use your webmail credentials to login to the webmail.
  6. If not registered then you need to register first to receive the credentials to login to it.

If you are not a member already then you must register. Else you must buy any plan from Primus communication provider to become a member member of the webmail. Here are the steps to register to the Primus webmail.

Steps to register:

  1. Open the default browser and go to this URL. Click Here for the Email Guide 
  2. This is the webmail registration page. There you will be asked some personal details if given you will be sent an email to confirm the email id that you provide during the registration.
  3. Once you confirm the email id, you will be able to login into the inbox of the webmail.

Forgot password or credentials?

If you are already a registered member of the Primus webmail but forgot the username and password then you can use your mobile number to receive the OTP to recover your password. This method will be handy if you forgot the password.

Tip: Make sure to choose what type of email mailbox you need. Choose either IMAP or POP3 depending on your requirements.


Primus is a Canadian company that was before 20 years as a small company that had the aim to serve the people using the communication field. All the Canadian people from all groups such as working people, online entrepreneurs, companies, corporates, and also small-medium scale businesses are longing to use a reliable internet connection and the company is determined to provide those values to the people. 

Today if you take a list of trusted communications providers all over Canada then the Primus will definitely be on the list. Wholesale customers are also getting benefitted by the Primus. They buy and sell it to the end-users from the Primus. Primus has a workforce that contains hardworking engineers and technicians. If you are looking to be a part of this esteemed institution, they are hiring now. If you are looking to be a customer then don’t forget to check their awesome plans. They are really lit.

They have three different plans. One for the home purpose, another one for business purpose, and the third one for the wholesale business people. Let us see what are the features in all the available plans.

Home plan:

In the home plan, we can get unlimited plans. You will get unlimited internet plans and local calling plans are completely unlimited. Also, you will get the Telemarketing Guard. The telemarketing guard is prevention the telemarketers from calling through your mobile number during the important work time of the day for their sales pitch. If you are really sensitive towards the calls you receive during work time then you must really opt for this telemarketing guard. Also with this home plan, you will get some 18 calling additional features. 

The speed of the internet will be up to 250 Mbps. One of the fastest connection in the world. You can check with the online internet speed checking websites and can confirm the speed provided. The long-distance rates are very low and you can call your loved ones to enjoy without worrying about the price rates. 

You can also enjoy the unlimited plans in this home plan. Comparing to other plans, this plan has low per-minute rates. In this plan, the wireless phones are starting at the rate of $0 and they have unlimited talk and text plans. If you like to buy a phone with no contract then you can do so. Here everything is available. This network has the most reliable network of LTE than any other company all over Canada. The bundle starts at $60 per month excluding the taxes.

Business plan:

Business plans with Primus hold a lot of new features than the normal home plans. Since the business users are mostly companies, they have included a lot more features that would support the companies in their work portfolio. Some of the included features are:

  1. Hosted PBX:

Hosted PBX is the landline mobile used in business places. It has a powerful calling feature that will help you to get calls from clients and do the calls to the clients. You can easily integrate the landline phone into the mobile phone. You can set up the auto-attendant when you want the call to attended even when you are not in the office. This phone system is considered one of the advanced phone systems. Since this phone is connected with the mobile the employees can handle the phone remotely from anywhere. 

The productivity of the user gets increased tenfold and the quality of the service provided to the customer also increases. The recommended phone brands for using this plan are from Polycom Trio models and Panasonic TGP600 models.

  1. Unified Communication Apps:

Also, the business holds some other exclusive plans such as the Screen sharing feature which is one of the most required features in these pandemic days. Also, you will get complimentary access to all the Primus UC apps until you cancel the subscription. UC apps are known as the unified communication apps that offer a business with apps for instant messaging, quick calls, and online meeting apps.

  1. Business emails and the internet

Also, these plans include some other benefits such as business emails and high-speed internet. Business emails are most crucial to any business since the custom domain email id will boost the image of the business and increase the trustability among the clients. 

  1. Online portal

The complete phone settings are moved online so that the user can change the settings with ease. You can change the settings of your office phone if you know the credentials and have a device that could possibly connect to the internet. All the settings such as modifying users, report generation, forming groups, call recording settings and auto attendant settings can easily be managed from the online portal. This portal is available all day and all month of the year.

With advanced calling features like this customer support for business will be the peace of mind.

  1. Access restrictions

You can do access restrictions by defining whom you can call and when you can call. You can block the outgoing calls for a particular set of times and also you can block the incoming calls too.

  1. Best call logging system

With all the above features the best call logging system is also available with this plan. The available features are Call forwarding (You can customize it), Call transfers, Call blocking, Call return, and the speed dial. You can set up a call the voice mail with the add-ons such as email notifications. In this way even if you are away when the customer calls you then the customer will get the voice mail and you will get an email notification of the call you received. This will be handy when you need to know the caller and to call them back.

  1. Call recording

When you are in a business plan with Primus Webmail, You will get the customer call recording feature. These call recordings are hosted in the cloud and can be easily retrieved from anywhere in the company easily. You can use them to train your new interns with those calls. 

Also with the business plan subscription, they will allocate you a special support agent who will help you with all the setup and usage whenever you need it. They will help you with all the required resources to get you started. It is always good to have a person aside instead of reading the documentation yourself and getting started. You will always get 24×7 support with this plan.

Wholesalers are also welcomed to tie-up with the company to provide the end-users with the best support. You can call customer support for details on the most tailored plans especially for you.

All these features are available on the Primus webmail company phones if you are subscribed to the business plan.