Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Holy Land Tour 2018 a Huge Success!


As Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Holy Land Tour 2018 draws to a close, members of the Chris Embassy Church can look back on the event as a monumental success. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a renowned minister and the president of both the Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and of Christ Embassy Church. His visit to the Holy Land spread great awareness for his message of the healing power and love of Christ and brought many new followers to his movement. This comes as great news to followers of the Christ Embassy Church because the trip took many months of careful planning. The pastor didn’t make the voyage to Israel and Jordan alone and was joined by hundreds of followers who all hoped to make the pilgrimage with him. Planning an international event on such a large scale can be challenging, but the Christ Embassy was able to make it a successful and safe visit. This comes as quite the pleasant surprise to followers of the Christ Embassy Church and will surely be noted as a landmark event for years to come.

The trip could not have occurred at a more pivotal and busy time for the state of Israel. This year marks the 70th year of independence for the Holy Land. After President Donald Trump’s announcement to move the Embassy earlier this year, for the state of Israel and the Holy City, Jerusalem, now is a season of tremendous growth and change. Pastor Chris was well-received by many Jewish diplomats and was also able to attend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ celebratory event for the moving of the Embassy.

In total, the visit took eight days. In this time, Pastor Chris was able to make time to visit numerous memorable locations. From the sea of Galilee to the Tomb of Lazareth, the group saw many religious landmarks. Those who travelled alongside Pastor Chris had nothing but positive comments about the experience as a whole. Some members of the group were even able to see such holy and significant sites as Jordan. At every stop among the visit, Pastor Chris was able to spread the glory of God through various acts of ministry. Everyone involved in the event claimed to feel like the experience was able to draw them closer to God.

Highlights of the trip include the celebration of Jerusalem Day and the visit to the Tomb of Lazarus. Such prayers rang out through the streets as, “Peace be within thy walls and prosperity within thy palace”.

A memorable experience that will be treasured and celebrated for many years to come, the Christ Embassy Church did a remarkable job organizing this life-changing event.

After the success of this event, followers of Pastor Chris can be excited for many new events to come, especially in the coming year of 2018. One event to specifically look out for is the Cell Leaders’ Conference 2018. This concert will be held in the LoveWorld Convocation Arena Lagos Nigeria on June 24th, 2018. After the raging success of the visit to the Holy Land, followers of Pastor Chris should expect some of the most renowned and influential figures in gospel music to be in attendance.