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When searching websites offering online games for kids you will probably end up being quite disappointed if not surprised. Most sites will require you to sign up of feature an advertisement. It’s obvious that website owners are out to make money for the free resource they have published. But a question lingers on the ethics involved while targeting kids in such adverts. With studies showing that kids are able to visualize brand logos at age three and begin to develop loyalty to the brand, marketers see this as good news but otherwise to the parents.

Nevertheless, there are sources that offer registration free and ad free online games for little kids as listed below.




Starfall is aimed at promoting confidence as they develop their reading skills. This online resource presents pleasant options in the language based games segment. For instance the Gingerbread Man, a game that involves use of language cues that request your kid to perform decorations on a tiny cookie man using shapes. Also you will appreciate the Earth Day game that kids can enjoy by getting to clean up some polluted stream simply by reusing cans, plastic and paper and putting them in the correct bins.

PBS Kids



On the PBS website for kids, the site’s games section features a section kids can come up with a snowman by simply answering easy questions for the fun of it. While the older ones can enjoy the CyberChase game where they can chase some birds around and try measuring them. Kids will really enjoy getting along with the whole plot as they interact with wacky creatures featured in the game. Good reading skills as well as focus are all that is required. This site also comes with features such as coloring pages and interactive tunes not forgetting standalone pages of the Reading Rainbow and Mister Rogers Neighborhood programs.




Quandary involves a colony that is in space and tasks a player into resolving disputes and getting problems solved by simply coming up with good arguments for either side. Players have to deal with tough issues, gather support, and differentiate opinions from facts as well as trying to decide on the best solution for the troubled groups even though no outright answer is available.

Citizen Science 



Just like Quandary, Citizen Science tries to engage kids in coming up with effective arguments that can assist scientists come up with policies that will make rewarding change into the world. Players usually get together and evaluate by use of facts and evidence and try to convince the public’s opinion on the best decision.

Argument Wars



This online game involves high stakes. Argument Wars entails players having to engage in debate combat on real cases like in Supreme courts. Just like other games described here, the argumentative structure must be healthy with sound support. However, players must base their facts or arguments according to the US constitution.

Papers, Please 



Yet another augmentative online game is Papers, please. This in particular lets the players fit immigration’s officer shoes that man a fictional border of a communist country. So as to allow people across the border, players must come up with factual arguments. A player must evaluate each visitor’s travel documents, ask questions and look for any evidence that is required to allow or deny admittance. This game can be quite stressful and offer a grim experience with some heart-wrenching choices requiring to be made. But this is a good show of how morals and ethics are regularly at odds.


As kids grow and interact with computers, the skills they gain become an important part of their lives, and might as well form an integral part in their future endeavors. A simple way to ensure they learn some computer skills is through engaging them in fun games. Your kid will greatly improve motor skills utilizing the keyboard and mouse as they play an educational or entertaining online game. Nevertheless, parental supervision is highly advocated as the kid plays these online games. Kids can accidentally click a different site and end up in not so appropriate of places. All in all it’s good to let them enjoy while it lasts but keep them supervised.


This is the guest post by Christopher Austin and Flying Games 365!