No More Frustrated Customers With Smart Customer Service Software



Every large corporation typically has a customer care center full of representatives outfitted with headsets and computer screens. Each call creates a new screen, telling the representative what to say at certain points. However, consumers have discovered this script, abhorring its impersonal feel. With today’s smart customer service software, conversations are more natural and productive for both parties.

 General Scripts Thrown Out

Reading from a standard script only seems to inflame customers rather than pacify their issues. Representatives need to strive for a more human touch. When answering a call, ask them genuinely about their day and issue. Any keywords they mention, such as a down Internet connection, should be inputted into the software. Before the customer’s explanation has finished, you’ll have several answers ready for them with human feeling behind the words.

More Information at the Fingertips

Customer service databases used to be sparse in their design, only allowing certain information to be accessible. However, the lack of information led to calls that were passed around. Customers only became more frustrated with each explanation. Large databases provide information that gives each representative enough power to solve incoming calls. Both customers and employees learn more about a product or service with this strategy compared to withholding certain information for only management positions.

 Online Self-Sufficiency

Customers appreciate not calling in at all. If a company has an extensive online FAQ database, customers solve their own questions with the click of a mouse. As new questions come up, employees slowly add these FAQs to the list. You’ll have a complete listing of all general questions. This strategy reduces calls and frustration for both employees and customers. You may even have repeat business with this kind of service instinct.

 Get Social

Some customer service software links the company’s social media to the database. Although employers may believe social media is for a personal life, it’s actually a smart marketing tool. If you come across a widespread product issue, for instance, simply update your social media status to explain a quick fix. Customers who haven’t even experienced the issue yet will appreciate a fast fix without having to research its origin.

 Software That Walks You Through It

One of the best things about today’s customer service software is its easy integration into almost any industry. Older systems had a difficult learning curve, requiring weeks of training and practice. These streamlined systems are very intuitive, making keywords quick to pull up and use for customer problem resolution. Companies save time and money while retaining the all-important customer base using smart software.

From online information to streamlined problem-solving, customer service software is helping nearly every industry fight the frustrating robotic call center. You can motivate employees further with bonuses and rewards for resourceful calls with customers. Because you record all the conversations, pick out one or two a month that reflect your company’s core values and expertise. Employee acknowledgement only boosts their spirits to do more each day.