NFS Got Surprises for the Gamers on 2015



It’s been a year already since the previous Need for Speed game has come out. Game franchises like Call of Duty or Madden would come out once every year and we expected NFS would be doing the same; but last year they announced about the rescheduling plan. Need for Speed games franchise will release a game every other year, meaning a year would be skipped in the middle. 2015 is the year they are about to make a comeback as the company Ghost Games is working on the development in Sweden. Electronic Arts, the beholder of the sole rights of Need for Speed game franchise hasn’t yet released any official press release regarding the game nor they held a press conference; but we came to know few tits & bits.

A recent earnings call has been held on 2014 where the EA Games CEO kept the game releasing in a suspense saying the game is ‘already looking spectacular.’ That’s all we officially got to know about the NFS game that’s going to release this year, on 2015.

Earlier, when Ghost Games was working on the NFS for 2015, they were acknowledged of getting an extended time frame before the final release. Need for Speed has made an earlier announcement to their fans saying how deep their involvement has been on a new game, and they are going to listen to the fan’s demand. So far they expect; this delayed game will be able to fulfill the demand of the consumer base. But then again, this development is going to take some time.

The experience is going to be different, and it will be widely visible in terms of graphics design, gameplay and other gaming aspects. With great gaming come higher game requirements, so your existing computer setup might not be able to run the new game to the fullest any more. You better be prepared, grab the highest configured gear for your computer before the game hits the market.

Need for Speed games has been started hitting market on a continuous basis since 2001, there has been one game each year. Only 2014 was different, after almost a decade. 2015 is the year that had gone without a new Need for Speed game release, just to set the battle plan in a slightly different way.

Apart from computers and consoles, Electronic Arts has released the trailer for an all new racing game for iOS and Android smart device platforms. The title has been fixed, “Need for Speed: No Limits” and the game is soon to hit the app stores. The game trailer assures us, this game will be loved by the fans.

The game contains all the adrenaline rush you might expect like cop chasing, orgasmic graphics, fluent control and above all; an excellent gaming experience.

Real Racing series is also developed by the same company which is a free-distribution game, but there hasn’t been any update on this one. Most likely, NFS: No Limits for smartphones and tablets is going to cost you few bucks.

For updates on both these games, the gamers will have to wait little longer.

This is the guest post by Christopher Austin and Parking Games 365!