New iPad with A7X processor in Q4 2014

ipad processor

ipad processor

According to a rumor published by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the next two tablets of the American home should have the new processor A7X by the end of the year, while a novelty will be the next arrival of a low-cost mini iPad for 2014 .

Cupertino For the analyst, the arrival of the two tablets will reach the highest level of production by the end of the year in view of the launch for the Christmas period with the processor upgrade to the A7X, which will allow the chip to be able to get a mini version to a level of high performance in view of the presence of a Retina display that requires a processor to make the most appropriate. models that could arrive already on the market in recent weeks, especially the iPad 5, but Apple has postponed the presentation to try to improve the device given the level attained by competitors in the industry as reported: Since the iPad mini 2 will have a better resolution with Retina display, we think that possess the same processor iPad 5: The A7X.

But now we think the launch of the iPad mini 2 will be brought forward to late 2013. Since many other manufacturers have already tablet 7-8 “HD resolutions in the next 3-6 months, we think that mini iPad 2 would lose their opportunities on the market if they were to be introduced next year.Although the availability of the model is low due to production problems, if the mini iPad 2 will be introduced this year, should be able to have an impact on consumers and to block their budget, which would otherwise have flown to the tablet competitors. a processor adapted for the iPad mini that will surely lead to a change in price than the current model but the American company is considering the possibility to enter a low-cost version of the model with A6 processor and without the Retina display .