New and Unique Products for Your Unique Pet


Quite a few dogs and their owners could benefit in both health and happiness from some of the new technology for pets. If you investigate the possibilities, you can find anything from unique food and water dishes to extraordinary toys and all-around useful gadgets for pet owners. Below are some of the most useful and intriguing of these new pet products.

gadgets for pets

Uniquely-designed pet bowls

One of the most unique doggie gadgets is the Pioneer Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain. Not only is the raindrop design a more attractivel option as far as drinking bowls go, it provides continuously flowing water for your animal. The continuous flow of water helps to keep the bowl clean as well as oxygenated.

Another eye-catching pet bowl is the Dog Games Flower Slo-Bowl, which features multiple maze-like designs to promote slower and healthier eating for your pet. It’s available in a broad variety of colors and designs. This unique feeding dish can slow your quick-eating pet down and help prevent obesity and digestive problems from eating too quickly.

Trendy toys

The article also features quite a few trendy toys that any playful dog would love. One of the fun toys listed is the JW Grass Ball. This toy is a round ball with textured nubs for promoting dental health while the dog is at play. It also comes in various colors and can hide treats for your pet.

Another playful item is the Chuckit! Ball Launcher, which allows you to pick up a dog’s ball and throw it multiple times to entertain your energetic pooch without getting your hands dirty. It comes in various sizes with matching balls. The handles are ergonomically-designed and the colorful balls are durable and easy to clean.

Useful gadgets for the savvy pet owner

One of the more extraordinary items described in the article are the Dog Rocks that can help prevent lawn burn from pet urine. They are made of paramagnetic igneous rock that’s mined in Australia.

These amazing rocks naturally absorb tin, ammonia, and nitrates that are commonly found in drinking water. You only have to place one of these rocks in your animal’s drinking water and the impurities will be absorbed by the rock.

Another highly useful item listed is the Thundershirt. This is a unique type of harness that wraps around a pet’s torso to create a “hugging” effect that helps to calm Fluffy or Jock. Renowned “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan says these work well.

It can be especially useful for dogs (or cats) who are nervous when especially loud noises (such as thunder) are present, or who need calming for events that bring on anxiety (such as a road trip).

All of the above-listed items are highlighted in the article, 13 Top Gadgets for Dogs and savvy pet owners will find many of them very useful. These unique bowls, toys, and gadgets are all worth learning more about to help bring more health and fun into your beloved pet’s life.