Do I Need Character Witnesses in My Divorce Case?

Do I Need Character Witnesses in My Divorce Case

If you are going through a divorce, you may need to call character witnesses. These witnesses can help you to build a case for child custody. A reliable character witness can be hard to find. You want to find a person that is truthful and will not hurt your case.
Do I Need Character Witnesses in My Divorce Case

Does a character witness help my case?

A character witness can testify about your personality, moral character, and other qualities. They should be a person who knows you very well. The witness must also be willing to take the stand for your case. In some cases, your attorney will ask the person a few questions before your court date.

Are these character witnesses important?

A character witness can help your divorce or child custody case. There are times when your character may be called into question. Child custody cases often need witnesses to testify that you are a good parent. If the family law case is heading for an amicable agreement, there may be no reason to call witnesses on your behalf.

Who should I choose for a witness?

Family members do not make good character witnesses. There are times when they can’t even be called into court. A trusted friend or colleague is a better choice for you. These witnesses should be close to you to verify your character. Some witnesses can even be called for both sides of the case. For example, a child care provider or teacher may testify on the parental responsibilities of each parent. Business partners have even been called to court. If the couple owned a business together, employees may have to take the stand to verify the role of both parties.

Divorce cases can be difficult for all involved parties. Your attorney can advise you on choosing your character witnesses. It is also the responsibility of your attorney to recommend whether your witnesses will need to testify. A Tampa divorce lawyer can give you some guidance on your case.