Must know Facts about Silicon Wafers


Almost everybody uses silicon wafers in their life but the strange thing is, not many people know too much about them. To alleviate that problem here is a rundown of some of the most interesting facts gleaned from silicon wafer suppliers .

1. The silicon wafer was created in Sweden by a chemist named Jonz Berzelius. He did this by mixing potassium with potassium fluorosilicate. After this, he washed the concoction repeatedly so that it was pure. While variations of silicon were seen before this, they had never before been seen in such a pure state as they were impure. He actually named the substance silicium.

2. Later on, in 1831, the name of the substance was changed by a scientist who went by the name of Thomas Thomson. He decided to change it because he found it had properties more similar to such elements as boron and carbon versus those elements which sported the ending of -ium.

3. One very interesting thing about silicon is the fact that it is a metalloid. In plain English, this means that it possesses attributes of both metals and non-metals alike. It is also the second most plentiful element on the face of the planet. Almost 30% of the crust of the planet is made up of silicon.

4. The silicon which is used in wafers is highly purified. This is why it works great in the capacity for semiconductors. They can be easily purchased in such a state from silicon wafer suppliers.

As you can see, there are some great things to learn about silicon and silicon wafers. NOw you can impress your friends with the extent of your knowledge that you have about such an esoteric subject. There is no better way to learn than to study hard.