Mobile Apps That Help You Queue Up Social Media Posts


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Social media marketing requires a high level of attention, effort, and dedication. People who write social media posts are responsible for a company’s brand image and public relations.

Since social media efforts can run daily without interruption, you might find it challenging to stick to a schedule. Luckily, post queue apps allow you to load multiple posts at a time, and schedule them to be published over time.

The ability to “set it and forget it’ makes queue apps immensely useful for social media marketers. Take a look at these indispensible apps for your marketing strategy.


The Buffer app is a cross-platform social media queue service that allows you to plan and schedule posts for a variety of social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and

You can tweak posts so they are properly formatted for the social media platforms they will appear on. Additionally, these posts will appear at pre-set times you have selected with Buffer.

You can also schedule posts manually with other customer timeframes. Buffer comes with a built-in analytics dashboard, so you can identify the posts that are the most successful.


You can juggle accounts across 35 different social media networks with this amazing management tool. With Hootsuite, social media marketers can plan large-scale social media campaigns, view engagement rates, track analytics, manage security, and use other collaborative apps.

A range of business plans are available through Hootsuite and are scalable to your company’s needs.


Facebook’s Pages app is an extremely powerful page management tool that allows you to tailor content to your audience’s needs. The analytics in this app show you peak viewing times for your page, so you can carefully plan your post schedules.

Keep in mind that Pages can only be used with Facebook.


Take social media automation to all new levels with If This, Then That. This tool can set off a chain reaction of tasks once certain parameters are met.

For example, when you post a photo on your company’s Facebook page, it can trigger a number of follow-up actions, such as shares across various platforms, text messages, document creation, or email to specific people.

These automated actions can increase your engagement rates, since IFTTT can make your accounts seem extremely active.

Take the headache out of social media marketing by relying on automation and queues. Your social media presence can make or break business success, so it’s vital to prioritize your content and voice.