Mastercard Riskrecon 40mmillertechcrunch

Mastercard Riskrecon 40mmillertechcrunch

These days, security is the core of services for users and organizations. Companies are looking for new ways to enhance the experience for their users by making systems even more secure. In a similar attempt, Mastercard recently announced that it would be acquiring Security Assessment Startup RiskRecon. This company is based in Salt Lake City and has been using publically available data to build security assessments.

Mastercard Riskrecon 40mmillertechcrunch

what is Mastercard Riskrecon 40mmillertechcrunch ?

Ron Miller has shared more details about this acquisition in an article on TechCrunch. Since it has become very important for financial services to add layers of security, the move comes as a welcoming decision. RiskRecon can help Mastercard get an objective score of the risk profile of a company. Mastercard has always been focused on securing cyberspace, and RiskRecon gives them an additional strategic advantage in this space. The new solution uses data-driven advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence to add security to the ecosystem. Ajay Bhalla, President of Cyber and intelligence at Mastercard, has published a statement about this new deal.

As per the information available, RiskRecon uses the data available on the web. For example, you can easily find the DNS Servers and the Web Servers of a company since they are connected to the internet. The system used by RiskRecon can also determine the software used and its version information, which can further help understand the security performance of the application or a company. The version information can be matched with the vulnerability data libraries in the backend to generate a risk profile. So Mastercard Riskrecon 40mmillertechcrunch means Mastercard to acquire RiskRecon .

It is known that RiskRecon was launched in 2015, and since then, the organization raised $40 million. The primary investors in RiskRecon included Dell Technologies, Accel, General Catalyst, and F-Prime Capital. The new business arrangement is also beneficial for RiskRecon as it can help them scale the solutions. This also makes it easy for RiskRecon to explore new geographies as Mastercard has its presence across the globe. At the moment, we don’t have information about the acquisition cost, but we know that the deal is subject to approvals from the regulatory agencies.