Marketing Tools and Apps for Smart Real Estate Agents

Marketing Tools and Apps for Smart Real Estate Agents

In a modern real estate market, the simple truth is this: It is impossible for a realtor to succeed without appropriate use of the right technology and targeted marketing efforts. Of course, there are dozens of different types of marketing programs you can use, and only so many hours in a day. this begs the question: What’s the right approach for you? Here are some suggestions.

Marketing Tools and Apps for Smart Real Estate Agents


IGTV is an app within Instagram. It allows for users to upload vertically-shot videos to an Instgram profile. The videos can be edited and have effects added in, helping them pop from the usual Instagram video. With professional experience, you can truly make something special.

The application here is obvious for realtors. Using IGTV, you can create your own video tours of a property and allow someone to see it before they ever leave their home. Instagram is widely popular, with over a billion users and a direct tie-in with Facebook. 

As such, using IGTV can help expose you to a wide array of potential buyers for a property that you are listing. Furthermore, this can enable you to get your name, face and marketing skill in front of a whole new array of clients. This, in turn, will likely result in you getting more customers.


Facebook is virtually a requirement for anyone seeking to market themselves or their products. Any realtor can create a page and use that page to promote their listings, services and various community involvement. This is a good way of inspiring brand loyalty and reminding potential customers that you are there for them if they need your services in the future. 

However, Facebook also has more offerings than that. If you want, you can use paid advertisements in order to target people who may be moving. You can target them based on their web history, location, other pages they like and more. This extremely granular level of detail allows you to customize your messages and make a listing that this individual maybe interested in pop up on their news feed. Facebook ads can thus be highly targeted and extremely cost-effective.


Intercom is a fascinating and relatively new Customer Messaging Platform. It allows you to track lead information, including keep a record of contacts and their information, as well as segment all of your customers by demographics or tags. Using Intercom, you can then create customized marketing materials for those customers, including live broadcasts.

However, that’s not it. Intercom then allows you to track the actions that your customers take (what listings they click on, do they open your Emails, etc.) and then get even more granular with the information you send to them.

Intercom can be a great system. The biggest downside is that it does require a decent understanding of technology to make it work, and if you aren’t tech savvy, this system may present real challenges for you. Furthermore, it can get complicated, and requires some investment of time to understand.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Just about every realtor has now heard of Zillow, one of the leading real estate apps. Keep in mind that it is not just for customers, but also has an array of functions for realtors. Indeed, it’s Premier Agent App has a huge amount of functions that can help you gain sales. 

You can automatically get alerted when you have a new lead and respond immediately or send a customized message later. You can also easily update your listings, keep in touch with your team and use the app to investigate Zillow’s paid options. Taking advantage of these services will turn you into a power user on the most popular real estate app available today.


For all the talk about the increasingly niche marketplace of the social media landscape, YouTube remains a behemoth. According to recent information, YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly users and has 80% of all the 18-49 year olds in the United States use it on at least a monthly basis. Not using YouTube means that you lose otherwise easy access to these customers. 

The good news is that YouTube has a very user-friendly menu that you can use. It is easy to upload house tours, conduct live tours or run paid advertisements on the service. Furthermore, you can take advantage of some of their hyper-local advertising options or easily integrate videos you upload into your website or Zillow listing. In other words, the service is easy to interchange with others, and that makes it incredibly powerful.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican offers an exceptionally valuable service at an affordable price, and its a service which can be all too easy to forget about, despite its exceptional ease and potential. Despite the emphasis on digital today, there is no question that mail, postcards and direct mail all still work very well. Indeed, some have made the argument that there is too much emphasis on digital, and that looking back at regular mail might be a good way to break through the clutter that exists when it comes to connecting with customers.

Wise Pelican works by producing marketing postcards for real estate. They are relatively cheap, potentially costing as little as $.70 per postcard, including postage. The service comes with a variety of templates that you can use and allows you a huge amount of customization. It will let you send postcards that include new listings, just sold listings, new office openings and more. If you’d like, you can also create your own template, although the ones already on the website are high efficient and cost-effective.

Marketing postcards for real estate are proven methods of getting your information in front of someone who may be interested in seeing it. Make sure to check out today.