Managing, Making, And Spending Money With Your Phone

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Smartphones let you do everything you need to do on a computer without a computer. Essentially they are tiny computers you can hold in one hand. You can use your phone to deal with all of your money matters, whether you need to apply for a loan or pay a bill.

The key to getting the most out of your phone when it comes to your money is to have the right apps downloaded. Once you have that you’ll keep better track of your money, both the money coming in and the stuff going out.

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Managing Your Money

It’s pretty likely that your bank or credit union has an app. You should have this on your phone since you’re not always going to be sitting at your computer when you want to check your bank balance. It also allows you to deposit checks without even going to the bank.

You can use your phone to schedule payments of your bills, which makes your monthly job easier. You can set up text reminders when a bill is due, or even when your credit card limit is getting close to being nothing. You can even have your credit card that tracks your credit score notify your phone when there’s been a change in that score.

Making Money

If you can make money on your computer you can make it on your smartphone. Be a writer for a company that pays people the write for them, and use the availability of Google Drive on your Android based phone to write the stuff you need to submit.

You could also download the sales sites that are out there and use your phone to post stuff for sale. If you have electronics or entertainment items to sell you will want to download Amazon. If you have used items like clothing or collectibles, consider selling them on eBay. If you create stuff, like crafts or art, download Etsy.

Spending Money 

Not only can you sell stuff on those apps, but you can also buy things through them. They aren’t the only places to shop through your phone, though. You can do your house shopping through your phone, buy the direct sale items you love from your favorite sellers, or shop on any site online, right from your phone in your hand.

Using your smartphone is simply a wise thing to do. You have outlets like Paypal where you can get paid and spend money, and many stores are even letting you punch in your Paypal info to pay at the register. Paypal and other systems, like Square, make it so more places can accept credit as well, and these card slider attachments can work with smartphones and tablets.