Manage and Move files between Cloud Storage Services : MultCloud


If you have multiple accounts on various online file storage services like Dropbox,, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and if you need to manage your files from one place, may be moving to a cloud storage service to another, you can serve the free service offered by MultCloud .

MultCloud also known as DropInOne is a useful ” cloud aggregator . ” It is the only one of its kind, but it has some features that make it one of the best and most reliable. Key Features of MultCloud, are the ability to simultaneously connect with multiple accounts to the same cloud storage service and the ability to move files from one account to another cloud storage without having to download any file on our desktop.

The graphical interface  may not seem visually beautiful as other services of this type, but still practical. The bar on the left of the screen allows quick accept all linked accounts, while at the center we can see all the files and folders in the selected service.The copying of files between a service to another without downloading the file locally is very simple to implement: just a simple copy and paste and allow time for the file transfer.There is also a handy search box that allows us to search for files simultaneously on all the accounts linked to MultCloud.

In summary, this is a great service to manage the various online storage servicesfrom one place. Recommended especially to move a large amount of files between services without first having to download them onto your computer.