League of Legends Review



League of Legends is now the most played online game of year 2014. According to many surveys and statistics it has been found how the people were playing League of Legends like crazy. The game had simply made people addicted, kept them magnetized for playing and as a result, the revenue stream had been very rewarding which buzzed game enthusiast peoople. We are about to talk about the most popular online game of 2014; the League of Legends.

Earning on 2014

League of Legends or any other MOBA of this category earns through micro transactions. This term refers to earning very small amounts of money across different location; few dollars from here and another few dollars from there – this is how it works. And the sum of the micro transactions turned out to be $624 million on 2013. The amount was good enough to make it on number 2 on a top 10 list; but seems like the game developers weren’t contained.

And now this year, 2014, League of Legends had made an estimated amount of $964 million and closing by a billion soon. Who could have even imagined an online game could earn this much?


This is a remarkable journey against the two biggest MOBA rivals of League of Legends. Dota 2 and Hearthstone are two neck to neck competitors in terms of being played most; but none of them even made it closer to the League of Legends. Dota 2 made it to the 9th position earning $136 million revenues and Hearthstone managed to earn $114 million. The huge gap in their profit isn’t definitely putting a period to their popularity but definitely the difference is too marked.

Even though online game subscriptions have actually slipped over years, but the in-app purchases in many games still makes good amount of money. League of Legends is the legendary example we have.

People should no more be laughing and mocking the game’s name with LoL.


League of Legends fall into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena category; commonly abbreviated and called MOBA. This is game looks almost like an upgraded version of the Defense of the Ancients game series; another game that is known by its abbreviation – DotA.

In case you hadn’t ever played DotA before, let us break it down for you. In DotA or DotA2, the gamer gets a whole hero unit fighting against their enemy somewhere in the middle of a war. So both the teams show up on both sides of the map and advancing toward the middle to fight. Since you are the hero in the game and heroes never really die; you have to step up and bring up the fight. You have to choose the hero from nearly 100 characters in DotA and change between their roles while playing. That’s all about DotA.


And now, League of Legends copies almost the same game strategy. The storyline is almost same, the way these two teams grind against each other is same – just there are many more expansions happening all across the game. You act as the summoned and as you advance through the game, you learn better. The experiences gained or abilities learned contribute to further higher scores in your gamer dashboard. When the game begins, you are given with fresh meats. But don’t worry, the heroes gradually learn fighting and master the skill of killing.


While the game runs, it will have its own flow of going on. You will see that one team is pushing forward while the other one just defends themselves. But this doesn’t stay constant all across the game; as the fighting momentum changes over time. The enemies will learn your fighting tactics and so do you. Defensive team goes offensive and vice versa, so the chess board flips very soon. You don’t just fight against the enemy without a plan; you have to think and lay out an effective plan which will kill your enemies without getting you killed. Trumping and getting trumped is what the heroes do in League of Legends. However, you need to have synchronized collaboration in your team in order to win the battle.


Technical Aspects

Like any other online games, League of Legends isn’t completely bug-free. The sound often gets into a loop and keeps repeating the same thing. This will not kill your game but would definitely distract you. Apart from this, there isn’t any way to prevent gamers leaving out of rage without even notifying. You might notice that half your team or the enemy team doesn’t fight anymore because the players have left. This indeed makes victory easier but kills the adrenaline rush.

For flawless gameplay, you must have an internet connection with faster data transfer rates. Lower ping is highly suggested for smooth online gaming.


The game has received mixed reviews. Even after making the highest amount of money, League of Legends couldn’t make it to earn the best reviews. Metacritic gave them a 78 on 100 based on 37 critics they had received by the time we are preparing this article. And on the other hand, the readers have rated the game 5.6 out of 10 based on 2061 ratings till the time we reviewed. It’s kind of a turn down for a game that earns the highest amount of money online.


League of Legends doesn’t feel brand new. If you are into MOBA genre games; then you had been on similar pages before. Still, the colorful style and prominent art makes League of Legends stand apart from most other online MOBA games. You will need time to learn the whole gameplay process but when you finally get it; you know why and how League of Legends has made it to the top most position on yearly earning.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Dirt Bike Games 365!