LE MAX 2 Vs Honor 5 Mobile


Many brands are launching their products in India. However, the brands do not know that the smartphone they start lack trust. Manufacturers are doing everything possible to tell the consumers that they are branded like Apple, Sony, and any other required brand. It would be wise to say that LE and Honor are climbing the ladders in many countries even when Samsung is competing.

There has to be a reason behind LE and Honor to climb that high. LE and Honor have launched their first smartphones couple of years back. There is no doubt that the Honor has scored many goals because of the Price, Features, and Quality.

LE Max 2 Vs Honor 5A

These smartphones are new in the market, and the topic would be different if they have launched like a decade ago. Price would a good start and let’s look at the unit prices.

Price Honor 5A – Rs.10,999 LE Max 2 – Rs.18,999
Warranty 1-Year-warranty 1-Year-warranty
Reviews Rating 4.1 – Flipkart 4.0 Flipkart


Design & Build Quality

LeEco is a new brand, and the quality cannot be compared with any other. However, Honor has proved that they maintain a decent quality. We have used the Honor smartphone in the past, and the performance is fluid, but you will face some Android issues like hang, which can be fixed with proper maintenance.

Performance & Hardware Comparison

Hardware Specs Honor 5A LE Max 2
Processor 1.2GHz octa-core Quad-core
Processor Manufacturer / RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon 617- 2GB Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 – 4GB
Internal / Expandable storage  16GB / 128GB 32GB 
Expandable storage type / Upto  SD card  –

As you can see above that Honor has the lowest configuration when you compare it with the LeEco smartphone. The processor is definitely fast and much more better in the Le Max 2. Honor will not be able to beat the LE Max 2 in terms of hardware performance.

Camera & Battery Life

Camera Honor 5A LE Max 2
Front Camera 8 Mega-Pixel 8 Mega-Pixel
Rear Camera 13 Mega-Pixel 21 Mega-Pixel
Flash Light Yes Yes



Connectivity Honor 5A LE Max 2
WIFI Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes – V4.0
4G/3G Yes Yes
FM Yes Yes
Headphones 3.5mm
Infrared Yes Yes
Number of SIM’s Two Two


Android OS:-

When you unbox the both smartphone, you will get the latest Marshmallow 6.0 version preloaded in it. The differences would be in the User Interface. The LeEco comes with eUI 5.6, and Honor comes with Emotion UI 4.1. Both skins are unique and the seem different from the rest/

Display & Performance

Display Honor 5A LE Max 2
Size 5.5-Inches 5.7-Inchess
Resoltuion 720×1280 pixels 1440×2560 pixels
Users Rating 4.2/5 4.4/5

The camera of the Le Max 2 is pretty insane and the display will add an amazing view to the picture you click. The display is not HD but you can still experience the best quality of picture in the smartphone.


LeEco LE Max 2 is priced at Rs.18,000 which is a reasonable price however, Honor 5A is a better option if you look at the specs, for the moderate users it is ideal. When you are a extreme user then you have to consider buying a LeEco LE Max 2. If you have any questions then feel free to answer them.