The Latest Video Tech and What It Can Do For You


Arguably one of the best things about faster processing and smaller microchips that pack a larger punch in computing devices is the fact that video technology has made such a push forward. Because data transfer rates have also become much quicker with the onset of better Wi-Fi and cell phone technology, you have a perfect storm of potential when it comes to a focus on video processes.

For example, you can look at video advertising, the potential for YouTube, video streaming over social media services, and the available face-to-face chatting that’s now possible almost everywhere, and you can see just how much technology has allowed these improvements in communication.

Video Advertising

 If you own a website or have some other digital face of your company, then you know the power of video advertising. It’s easy for people to watch a 15-second clip where you explain what your product is and what it does. It’s not as easy for people to read text and follow links to do that same thing. So ideally, you figure out how to use video advertising and its streamability to convert people into paying customers that trust your brand.

YouTube Potential

 Starting a YouTube channel is free. And if you work the angles right, you can have as much video archived on the platform as you want. It’s highly competitive for the most popular slots, and audiences can be fickle, but you can use the YouTube platform to gain viewers, explain some of your opinions or ideas in a digestible form, or even just have a way to express yourself in a casual environment. Technology has showcased YouTube as a giant when it comes to potential output.

Streaming Social Media Services

 For the several billion people who use Facebook, video is now one of the most important aspects of what they do. Because now you can use Facebook live to stream whatever it is you are pointing your phone at, everybody is a reporter. Everybody is a company. Everybody creates their brand as they go along. And, along with YouTube, the service is entirely free, making it so that gatekeepers no longer can prevent people from expression.

Face To Face Chatting

 And finally, video chatting is becoming a cultural norm. Instead of using a phone and just having the communication factor of voices, now you can use one of several different video chatting apps and get the full experience of talking to someone face-to-face. The addition of filters to the video can be entertaining as well, but the core communication and streaming video is that you can see people’s expressions as they are talking to you.