what is kuo iphone se 5ghall9to5mac ?

kuo iphone se 5ghall9to5mac

Apple Cancels iPhone SE with In-House 5G Chips.

Many people prefer a smaller phone, and the iPhone SE made a perfect option for them. In the 2022 lineup, there was no iPhone SE; however, if rumors are to be believed, Apple planned a launch of the 4th generation iPhone SE. The phone’s design would have been similar to iPhone 11 or XR. Ming-Chi Kuo, a supply chain analyst for Apple, confirmed the news.

kuo iphone se 5ghall9to5mac

Kuo mentioned that Apple wanted to introduce the InHouse 5G chip, but they were worried that the performance of their in-house chip might not be at par with the chipset from Qualcomm. In addition, the plan was to launch the iPhone SE in 2024 with the 5G chip to test the performance and usability of the iPhone 16 series.

What is kuo iphone se 5ghall9to5mac ?

It means Apple Cancels iPhone SE with In-House 5G Chips .

This would have been a significant step for Apple, but unfortunately, the plan has been dropped. In such a case, Apple will still use Qualcomm chips in the iPhone 16. This move certainly favors Qualcomm as the orders will keep coming to Qualcomm. With this step, you can also expect Qualcomm to remain Apple’s prime supplier of 5G chipsets.

The lower demand for the SE models could be the reason for the cancellation. Earlier, there was a patent disagreement between Apple & Qualcomm in court. The disagreement was about using the cellular modem in iPhones. As a result of this disagreement, Apple took over Intel’s Modem business and paid up for using Qualcomm’s broadband chip.

It is a known fact that Apple has been aggressively working on developing its chipset. M1 and M2 processors are an example of it. Similarly, it is also known that Apple is working very aggressively on building a 5G chip that can replace Qualcomm 5G chips. As per Kuo, the phones in 2025 may have this in-house chip from Apple.