Know the different kinds of ink cartridges


Archiving of information is an integral part of the manner in which modern businesses are run. As a result, printing has assumed an important role in the daily operations of an office. You only have to see the size and number of printers installed in offices these days to realize how frequently documents are printed. Of course, that means that printing costs are pretty significant. However, there are several steps that the facilities management teams in offices can take to keep the expenses under check, shopping discounted in cartridges from Cartridge being one of these activities. This article focuses on letting you shop for printer ink cartridges in a better manner, empowered by knowledge about different types of ink cartridges available in the markets.

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s branded ink cartridges

As is pretty evident from the name, these are the cartridges that are manufactured by the company manufacturing your printer. Of course, these cartridges are made with a lot of innovation and quality focused processes, thus ensuring you the best prints every time. Moreover, these cartridges, being specifically made for a specific series of a company’s printer models, never poses compatibility issues, as you know beforehand for which printer the cartridge is supposed to work. Higher printing quality and lower failure rates are the primary benefits if using OEM ink cartridges. However, all these benefits come to you with hefty price tags. If highest printing quality is what you are after, then you might want to ignore the prices of these cartridges and bring them to your office.

Compatible Third Party Ink Cartridges

Again, it’s all in the name. These are ink cartridges made by third party manufacturers, without any branding of the original companies manufacturing the printers for which these cartridges are made. However, these ink cartridges are compatible with the specific models they are made for. These cartridges promise to provide you decent printing quality, with the prices of the cartridges being much lower than those of OEM cartridges. So, if you are looking for a good balance of quality and cost effectiveness, compatible third party cartridges are here for you. If most of your printing is that of rough draft documents, and for internal circulation, then buying compatible third party cartridges is bound to be a smart move. These are the most widely available cartridges in the markets.

Remanufactured, Refilled and Refurbishes Ink Cartridges

Every day, thousands of old and used up ink cartridges are discarded. However, a prospering industry has erupted out of these discarded cartridges, and that’s in the form of providers of remanufactured and refurbished cartridges. These businesses operate by collecting discarded cartridges, repairing them, replacing faulty parts, and then refilling them, thus providing a functional ink cartridge to the users, at a fraction of the cost of the new cartridge. Refilled ink cartridges don’t necessarily have to be remanufactured ones, and are the ones which are cleaned and filled with ink upon running out of ink during usage.