Jamf Apple 47k 16m 4mchambers9to5mac

Jamf Apple 47k 16m 4mchambers9to5mac

Jamf User Base Expands to 20 Million

Jamf is an Apple Enterprise Management Solution that helps Apple Users connect, manage, and secure their devices. Jamf support is extended to the services used by Apple Users. It works with both iOS and macOS devices. Between 2015 and 2020, Jamf added 16m (Million) users to their platform. Today, Jamf is being used to manage over 20 million Apple devices around the world. This is a huge growth considering Jamf only provided services to 4 Million Devices during the first 13 years after its inception.

Jamf Apple 47k 16m 4mchambers9to5mac

What is jamf apple 47k 16m 4mchambers9to5mac ?

Jamf managing 20 million devices around the world . It has around 47K Customers . They added 16 Million devices recently.

Many organizations have started using Apple devices at work because of the benefits they offer. In such a case, Jamf is their preferred choice for managing the devices owned by their workforce. Currently, Jamf has about 47000 (47k) customers and manages over 20 million devices. In 2020, Jamf onboarded 11,000 of these customers, and these 11,000 customers contributed 4 million devices.

As per an article from Bradley Chambers, Jamf is being used by 24 brands from Forbe’s list of 25 most valuable brands. The largest banks in the US and the top 10 global universities use Jamf. Hospitals are also deploying Jamf at a very fast rate. As per the information available, 16 of the best US hospitals use Jamf for device management. That is not all; Jamf is also used by 7 top companies in the Fortune 400 tech company list.

At present, Jamf sells three solutions. The first one is Jamf pro which was earlier known as Casper Suite. The second is Jamf School, and the third is Jamf Now. For identity management and authentication, Jamf has a different software called Jamf connect. This proves to be very useful, especially when organizations are moving away from Active Directory.

Until now, many organizations had to rely on windows based products to manage their Apple Devices, but with Jamf, the scenario has changed. Jamf is expected to grow further, and it certainly deserves growth for making things easy in this domain.