Is The Serviced Accommodation Model Effect For Investors?


The market valuation of the hotel industry reached more than $1 Trillion in 2019. The global population has grown since then, just like this specific industry. Yet, so many clueless investors pour in cash without getting thorough research.

Service accommodation is the fastest growing sector in the hotel industry. It details letting out a fully-furnished house to clients while providing hotel amenities/services. The client may stay from weeks up to months. You may even issue cleaning services to maintain a good client relationship.

As a businessman, you should be familiar with its tax regulations. For instance, you may need a permit to commence the venture. Read on to understand serviced accommodation for investors among other things.

Its Benefits

  • Higher Profit Ratio

In this sector, you can set the price of the apartment higher than the usually rented housing. The clients also do not stay for long, so include relatable services to increase your total sales. Expect to make more than $1000 monthly, especially in a prime location. The figure may also vary per the supplement services that you provide.

  • Easy Management

In a hotel room, you have to issue the necessary utilities to your guests. It means that whenever a client requests basic needs like an extra blanket, you have to supply whether it’s 1 am or 10 pm.

Serviced apartments provide sufficient room utilities for all types of visitors. There is a private kitchen, hence fewer maintenance requests. Unlike the hotels, you do not need to stay close to your housing. See this link for more

  • Easy To Set Up

You may not need to build or own an apartment, like the real estate industry. Approach quality housing, and rent it. From that, you can turn it into a serviced residence for potential clients. If you subtract the expenses from the money collected, you can get your profit without even knowing the prospects of building a house.

How to find a suitable location?

  • Business Activities.

Check out any booming industries in the target location. Often, they may recruit new employees from different areas for a short period. They will be your target audience of the business. You should spot growing companies as well and be quick to venture into their nearly acquired location.

  • Tourism

A location that brings in tourists annually is a prime one for the venture. Create unique housing that will attract all types of nationalities.


  • The Ineffective period

If you are new in the venture, you may experience months with no guests. Try not to panic, as it is natural. As a businessman, you need to also plan for such-like periods. Failing to prepare for the -drought-you may end up incurring losses due to the ongoing maintenance costs.

A precise way to predict the market is through accurate research. Have a contingency plan as well.

  • Paperwork

The industry has a different approach than the typical to-let housing. Expect different rates and even taxing of the business model. Hence, you need to be extra keen when signing any paperwork.

Inquire what seems incomprehensible, especially on insurance rates. You ought not to rush into the opportunity until you are well-knowledgeable about its prospects.

Not only on how to manage it but also the most professional way to deal with your clients. What will be your average cost? Do you know the standard pricing in the neighborhood, and will it bring you the intent profit margin?







  • Capital Growth.

The housing module does not have sufficient public exposure. You can only sell it to an interested investor, who is more likely to give a lesser amount than the initial capital.


In some states, some laws forbid the resale of service apartments.


It is also hard to get a banker for the project, unlike for hotels. They may also request unfavorable terms when it comes to providing loans.


  • Prone to Global Disasters.

Global disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and even hurricanes will affect its stability. For instance, the Covid-19 pandemic affected the entire hotel industry in the year 2020. As mentioned earlier, have an emergency plan. Click here to read more.



The pros and cons come in equal measure, so make an informed decision. Often, marketing your housing will boost its survival rate. It is vital to note that in business, there are no mistakes but only learning. So go ahead and take that step.