Is Technology Good or Bad for Drivers? It Depends


Changes in technology have a ripple effect through all different sorts of industries. So it’s no surprise that there are both good and bad effects when new technology comes in the play. One sector that might illustrate some of these good and bad features is the automotive industry. And it leads you to wonder, is technology good or bad for drivers?

New technology has definitely led to more distracted driving. But, safety and proximity sensors have been on the market for long enough that it is obvious that they improve the driving experience. People with a bad sense of direction now use GPS devices to get them more efficiently to where they’re going. And the future is ripe with the possibility of self-driving cars taking dangers down to a minimum on the road.

Is Technology Good or Bad for Drivers? It Depends

Distracted Driving

 One of the biggest complaints that people have about cars on the road these days is that drivers are distracted. And a lot of that distraction comes from mobile devices that people insist on looking at even while they should be paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, this type of distracted driving now causes more accidents than driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is a serious problem, and so if you don’t want to be part of the issue, not only do you have to not use your cell phone while you’re driving, you have to assume that other people are using theirs, and thus account for their potential mistakes.

Safety and Proximity Sensors

 Many new cars come equipped with safety and proximity sensors. If you get too close to something, they can beep or even potentially stop the motion of your vehicle. This is a huge safety benefit for people who have trouble with spatial relationships or are in densely congested traffic areas.

GPS Devices

 Not everyone was particularly good at reading a map. People would lose hours in frustration and anger trying to figure out where they were going on the road. Now, thanks to the new technology of GPS devices that are pinpoint accurate and work while you’re driving, much of that issue has been resolved. GPS devices either, as standalone units or you can use your mobile devices to perform that role.

Self-Driving Car Possibilities

 And finally, the ultimate relationship between technology and driving will be when self-driving cars outnumber the vehicles that people are actually operating. Because the fact is, people who are distracted, tired, or don’t have great vision are more dangerous than robotic sensors that can do all of those things better than a human. This technology is still being developed, but as it becomes more prevalent even in the next few years, the roads will be a much safer place.