Is 608-371-6666 SPAM Caller

Is 608-371-6666 SPAM Caller

Is 608-371-6666 SPAM Caller

Many of us have been getting unexpected calls from this number with a caller ID of 608-371-6666. Sometimes they just hang up the call or leave a voicemail. But that doesn’t stop there, they tend to call time and again, and plenty of people have experienced this in the past few months. 

This had given a rise to a host of questions regarding this caller ID. Who are these people who call time and again and what’s their motive behind it? Are these legit calls or simply spam calls? We thought of digging deep into it and unearth answers to these queries. Let’s find out. 

Who owns the number 608-371-6666?

First things first we need to find out who owns this number so that we can profile whether it’s a spam call or a legit call. Based on our investigation we found that this number belongs to Telephone Science Corporation who operates out of Southern Wisconsin. They operate a website and app called ‘NOMOROBO’. Did the word ‘NOMOROBO’ ring anything in your mind?

NOMOROBO is an app-based service that is designed to help block spam callers from calling you. You may have either installed their app or signed up on their website to help stop the spam callers. Or maybe someone you know may have signed up for your number.   

Why is NOMOROBO calling people with spam calls?

NOMOROBO is designed to stop any bot-based scam calls and allow only human-based calls. For this, they require a suspected spam caller to answer a random security question. It works similarly to the CAPTCHA system that is used on websites to block the bots. If any person clears the security question then NOMOROBO allows them to reach your phone. But herein lies the catch.

NOMOROBO stops the bot-based spam calls, but human spam callers can reach out to you easily. All they need is to clear the security question and the call will be connected via the ID 608-371-6666. The thing to understand is that the ID 608-371-6666 is not a particular caller. For say, if someone (spammer) with a caller ID of 1-800-123-8496 tries to reach you out, NOMOROBO’s system will ask them a security question and if they clear it they will connect to your phone with a caller ID of 608-371-6666. It’s how NOMOROBO’s system works out, if they suspect anyone as a spammer they will showcase NOMOROBO’s caller network on your phone instead.  

Is 608-371-6666 a SPAM call then?

As we discussed above, even if a legit caller accidentally filtered by NOMOROBO as a spam caller, tries to reach you, then NOMOROBO will showcase the caller ID of 608-371-6666. You may block this number and regard it completely as a spam number but you may miss out on some important calls sometimes. This is why you should not give in to the temptation of completely blocking the number. 

NOMOROBO’s service stops only bot-based spam calls but cannot put an end to the human spam callers. But blocking out the numbers may cost you important legit calls too. So it’s better to keep it open. Don’t worry, you can always hang up on the spam calls.