Inking your Brand: How to pick the perfect Pen for Marketing your Company


Whether it’s coffee mugs, tote bags or t-shirts, a subtly branded product can keep your company in the back of a client or customer’s mind for years to come. Usually the more ubiquitous and long-lasting a product is the stronger the impact your message will have, which is why pens are such an important tool for branding. A May 2012 study revealed that 73 percent of people keep a pen on them at all times and 50 percent of people will always pick up promotional pens.

So, in case your eyes didn’t provide enough evidence, the statistics back it up too people love pens. So using pens to promote your brand is the next logical step and we’ve compiled this handy list of what to look for in a promotional pen to help you with just that.

A Weigh>A Weighty Option

ier pens are usually associated with higher quality so the material you use for promotion should fit your brand image and clientele best. If your company is part of a trade fair or expo then you might want to opt for plastic pens, so that you can keep them available in large supply to reach the most customers possible. On the other hand if you’re looking for a more personal touch, nothing beats the impression a a solid metal pen makes on a prospective client, or employee.

Make sure your branding matches your message, loud and colourful works well for plastic pens while you probably will want something more refined for metal ones.

How does >How does it write?

en may be a promotional tool, but it’s also a practical one. So first and foremost make sure the thing writes. If you’re providing a metal fountain pen, then make sure it comes loaded with ink, so that your client can sign their first deal with ease.

Pay attention to other ergonomic aspects as well, a rubber grip on a plastic pen will make it much easier to write with, and will probably ensure it gets more use. While a push point pen is more likely to break or fall apart than one that’s capped. They may seem like minor considerations, but little things like this will affect how long and often your pen will be used.

Where to Brand?>Where to Brand?

ffer a lot of surface area, and you don’t want to cover your product with your logo and overdo it. In order to get your message across we recommend just one message printed across the cap or at the base. Don’t opt for too many colours as this won’t translate well to a solid surface, especially on a dark background. Instead go for two tones, and make sure these are consistent with your companies branding elsewhere.

Branding is usually done either through paint application, or digital image transfer. The latter is slowly gaining availability in Australia and allows for more complex colours, with usually greater colour quality.