Importance of School Education

Importance of School Education

In shaping a person’s social and professional growth, the school plays a vital role. Schools in India mostly focus on nurturing the children to face the competitive world outside. Students’ capability is tested on the grounds of examination and assignments, which further encourage them to study sincerely. Based on their marks, a student will be judged whether he/she is knowledgeable or not. In India, as per the World Bank report, there are more than 7,40,000 formal schools, more than 3.6 million teachers are working on a full-time basis.

Importance of School Education

Latest Trend and present Education System In India

The Indian Government considers Education as a key area where drastic growth and development is required. As a result, various future prospects have been considered and policies drafted. The vision is to ensure that Education in India is of the highest quality and available to the whole population, without discrimination. 

Indian Education is divided into different levels such as pre-primary level, primary level, elementary education, secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate level. In India, the foundation of Education is primary or elementary education. Later, they go into secondary education, undergraduate and then followed by postgraduate levels, which are termed as higher education levels. Our Indian Education System has been revamped substantially with better facilities, enhanced study materials, improvement in teaching methods, etc.

The Role of State Boards in Education

In India, in almost every state, there is at least one education board which caters to the Secondary and Higher Secondary education. Each state board follows a separate syllabus and grading methodology. The syllabus of state boards is usually limited, compared to other boards. It mostly gives preferences to regional languages and culture. In State Boards, examinations are conducted in each class. In Class 10, the students appear for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and the Class 12 students appear for the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exams. For eg:  Class 10 and 12 exams are conducted by the Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan Ajmer.

Every state board provides their study materials to students according to their respective syllabus. Students can access these study materials by visiting the official website of their respective boards. From the board official website, students can download reference materials such as textbooks, previous year papers, model papers, syllabus, etc. For eg: students of Rajasthan Board can access these study materials such as RBSE Solutions, model papers, etc. by visiting the official website of Rajasthan Board.

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