iCloud Private Relay iosmiller9to5mac

iCloud Private Relay iosmiller9to5mac

Apple iCloud Private Relay – Explained

Apple is very critical of the user’s privacy, which has become a USP for Apple over time. With iOS15 and macOS 12, Apple also added the iCloud Private Relay feature. This feature helps the user protect their privacy when using the internet. To provide secure access to the users, all the internet requests are sent through two different internet relays. One of the relays is operated by a third party, and Apple operates the second.

iCloud Private Relay iosmiller9to5mac

Cloudflare has been Apple’s strategic partner in providing this feature. In an article on 9to5mac, Chance Miller explained the working of iCloud Private Relay. We will try to summarize it for you.

What is iCloud Private Relay iosmiller9to5mac ?

It is all about how Icloud Private relay works

Working of iCloud Private Relay

With the introduction of iCloud Private Relay, the system ensures that a single party is not handling the user data. This helps the user maintain privacy as the single party would never know who the user is and what are the user’s internet activity. As mentioned earlier, one of the secure relays is managed by Apple, and Cloudflare manages the second secure relay. Cloudflare has the largest network in the world, and hence Apple is able to leverage its position.

The technology also uses all the modern transport protocols and encryption to maintain users’ privacy. QUIC, MASQUE, and TLS 1.3 are responsible for the relay hoping mechanism that Apple has deployed. Users get these benefits without any compromise on performance. From the Cloudflare side, Apple used its network with QUIC, MASQUE, and Quiche to offer proxy support. While using iCloud Private Relay, the user gets geolocation accuracy, and Cloudflare has shared more details about the same in one of their press releases.

Many users tested the new feature, and some even reported a faster browsing experience after using iCloud Private Relay. So, if you are concerned about network performance, then be assured that Apple is offering excellent performance while protecting your right to privacy.