How to Plan for Your New Carpet Installation


Once you’ve chosen the perfect new carpet for your home that’s in your desired color and suitable for the room you intend to install it in, it’s time for some pre-planning. If only it were that easy to choose the new carpet and never thought of the process again. Although carpenters sometimes come across customers who haven’t prepared for the carpet installation, it’s best to go ahead with a detailed plan in hand. It will save you and the carpet guys time and money to ease the installation. At best, all you do is open the door on the day of installation to let them do their work. Here’s how to plan for your new carpet installation, including carpet removal.


Remove all furniture first.

Installing your new carpet will be a lot easier and faster if all furniture is removed from the room that gets the new carpet. A couple of people are entirely unprepared, and at times, there’s still someone sleeping in a bedroom where they have to install a new carpet. Being that spontaneous is going to slow down the process massively. The room should be empty with no piece of furniture in it. That also includes personal items such as the one or other odd jumper laying on the floor. Everything needs to be gone. If you’re not familiar with carpet removal, hire a professional to do the job properly. For the rest of the furniture, you can ask a friend to help.

Sometimes, the carpet guys will also be prepared to move the other piece on the day they arrive. But none of them will touch pool tables or pianos. Take care of such unique pieces ahead. As a rule of thumb, it’s entirely sufficient to remove furniture about two days prior to carpet removal. That allows you plenty of time to find a temporary home for them. 


Carpet removal

Without removing your old carpet, you can not install a new one. Consider removing the old carpet one day before the installation of a new one. That’s basically the day after you removed all furniture from the room. If you’d rather have a day more if you need longer to remove the old carpet, remove the furniture one day earlier and start ripping up the old one on the following day. Should you neither have the time nor will to remove the old carpet on your own, you can also ask the carpet removal professionals. They’re happy to remove your old carpet and directly install the new one.

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However, that usually comes at an extra cost of roughly $2 per square meter. Depending on the room’s size or if your entire home requires a new carpet, it will be a lot cheaper if you did it yourself. You’ll only need some tools and muscle power. Cut the old carpet into strips to make it easier to handle and call the junk removal to pick it up. It couldn’t be easier. Leave the baseboards and the narrow wood strips along your old carpet. You can use them again for the new one. But if you prefer to have the carpets changed with the most convenience, feel free to let the carpet guys handle it all for you.


Clear the way

Make sure the carpet guys have a clear path to and from the room that receives the new carpet installation. The carpenters need to bring in the new carpet as efficiently as possible from your front door to the respective chamber. If there’s furniture in the way along that path, as well as any valuable items, remove those before they arrive as well. Consider covering the floor of this path with some rugs since they will likely bring in the dirt.

To make the carpet installation even more comfortable, make sure that pets and small children cannot get in the way either. If it’s possible, let your children go to their friends or grandparents for a day. Lock your pets in another room with food and water during the process of installation of the new carpet. They may not like it, but they won’t disturb the carpenter’s work. If you have cats, make sure to place a cat toilet and some food in the same room you leave them in. A dog might be easier to handle if you bring it to a friend or your parents for those few hours. 


Offer some workspace

The carpenters are not only going to have to use electricity in your home, but they’ll also need a place where they can lay out their tools. They can’t take all the tools they need into the room in which they install the new carpet as the room needs to remain empty for their work. You could set up a table in front of that room and also offer some refreshments there. They can place the tools they need on that table and bring them in once they need them. It doesn’t have to be a huge space as they don’t need as many tools. But they’ll undoubtedly welcome it if you offer some coffee and fresh water on the side, especially if it’s a hot day. Also, consider that they may need to use your bathroom. Remove the bathroom rugs as well to avoid them getting dirty.



You know, it’s the carpenter’s job to install a new carpet. They’re doing it on a daily basis. You don’t necessarily have to be there either and supervise their work. It’s sufficient to open the door for them and let them get to it. You can either return on time of schedule or just ask them to close the door behind them once they complete the job. Alternatively, you can offer them to pick up a set of keys so they can get in while you’re at work. It usually only takes a few hours to install a new carpet. As long as you’ve prepared well for the big day, you can simply sit back and relax. As soon they complete the work, you’ve got just the final task: move all the furniture back into the room.