How to Edit a YouTube Video?


Wondershare has offered an excellent video editor par excellence. The Filmora Video editor should be something you would indeed fall in love with. It offers you several features and functionalities. One of the best options that Filmora would provide you is to edit the videos you have already created. Would you like to check out the options you can use for editing your YouTube videos? Let us check out the steps involved in this compilation.

If you are a YouTuber and checking out the options for editing the YouTube once it is published, Filmora video editor is the best you can go with. If you want to know how to edit videos with Filmora, here are the basic steps you will need to follow.

  • Download and install Filmora Video editor.
  • Launch your Filmora video editor.
  • Choose the Full Feature option.

Choose the option Import Media Files Here

  • You may also drag and drop your videos to the selection area.
  • Now, move the video to the timeline for editing it.  You can drag and drop the video into the timeline.
  • You can now perform your editing tasks with ease. Some of the actions you can go with include changing the video speed, rotating it or adjusting the brightness of the video.
  • Once you have configured the necessary changes, confirm the same and click on the Edit icon.

You can split the video by moving your cursor to a specific location. You can split a single video into two or three videos. Once you have split the videos into separate ones, you can remove the parts that you do not want by selecting them and choosing Delete.

You can perform a host of functions to edit your videos as per your exact requirements. Some of the functions available include

  • Crop and Zoom function to remove the parts that are shot by error. You can choose default options available or adjust the frame rate by configuring it manually. The option can be helpful in removing the black areas within the video
  • Improve your video by adding text. You can choose the text as per your choice. You can configure the text based on the default options or opt for other alternative options.
  • You can even add transitions based on the exact requirements you may have.

You also have access to certain power tools as well. Just click on Power Tool option and choose the effects you would want to add.

Once the editing is done, export the edited YouTube video. To do this, you just need to click on the Export option to export your video to the computer. You can also export your videos directly to YouTube with Filmora Video editor.

Here is how you can do it  –

  • Choose YouTube from the left panel.

  • Add your Sign in details.
  • Enter all the details related to your video and click on Upload.

You have successfully uploaded the video to YouTube.

Filmora Video editor is indeed an excellent option to add videos to your YouTube channel. We would consider it an excellent option to use as a YouTube video editor for all your YouTube video editing and uploads.

Use it for your YouTubing and share your experiences with us.